Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... Right now it's dark because it's 8:40pm, but we had a bit of rain earlier, another front rolling thru.  The temps are 61 right now and our low will be 56. Believe it or not some ppl find this to be uncomfortable, but I'm loving it.  It will be hot and sunny soon enough.

I am thinking... how some of you will read that and wish it was your weather.  The weather up north is horrendous and I'm hoping you guys get a break soon.

I am thankful... for my rainy weather.  (hmmm, I see a theme forming)  

In the kitchen... Weather!  LOL  (couldn't help myself).  Dinner was leftovers and a batch of brownies.

I am wearing... my pjs.

I am creating... lists.  Lots and lots of lists.

I am going... on yet another field trip this Friday.  Yesterday we went to the Orlando Science Center and while I love that place, the field trip was one of the most disorganized one I've ever been on.  However the best part of the trip was getting to go in the Hurricane Wind Tunnel for free.  

I am wondering... when I will finally be organized.  I dont think it's possible anymore.

I am reading... Nothing.  I returned all my books to the library a couple of days ago.  Then I found one under the seat in the car.  Not sure how much money I owe in fines...

I am hoping... that tomorrow will be a bit easier than today.

I am looking forward to... Friday.  It's another band competition, this time for Steel Drums.  It's always a lot of fun.

I am hearing..... right now nothing.  The TV is on pause and the house is starting to shut down.  Thank God.

Around the house... dust elephants.  They used to be bunnies but they've grown.  I'm trying to keep them from becoming dinosaurs.

I am pondering... forget Dante's Inferno.  I'm pondering the levels of hell for teenagers.  It was hard enough to go thru it the first time.  It's even harder the second time around.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things... Normally this is Hemi's spot, but one of my favorites things from last week was Baby Girl and her solo ensemble performance.  She's been stressing about it for a couple of weeks now and she was ranked as superior!  It's the top ranking you can get and she got it!  She is also the only one in Intermediate Band to even try out for it!!  It was a proud mama moment for sure!!!  So happy for her!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I have the field trip on Friday and an anniversary party on Saturday.  I have yet to get their gift.  That will most likely be Saturday morning!

A peek into my day... Drop Baby Girl at school, go to work, stay 2 hours longer than I wanted to, race to get Baby Girl and #1 Son to theatre,  go to mechanics to get scripts out of the car that's in the shop (we are down to one car this week), figure out what to make for dinner, get kids from theatre, make dinner, make brownies.  It is now 8:10pm.  I realize it is Tuesday and decide to post something in my blog.  Make people read a crazed mom's typical day of life.  

For those who have made it this far, thank you!!!!  I'm trying to be witty but I dont think I'm succeeding.  Instead I will reward you with a Hemi pic.  And if you want to play, go here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...  it started out a beautiful day.  Then around 3pm a front went thru and it got rainy.  REALLY rainy.  It's been drizzly on and off the rest of the day.   We get cold tomorrow and have freeze warnings for Thursday and Friday mornings.  By Sunday we are back to warm temps.  

I live a bit further north so my lows are a bit lower

Florida, the bipolar state.

I am thinking... that I need to finish planting what I have and keep them in the garage until Friday.  After that they should be fine to keep outside.

I am thankful... that I have a job.  Ok  I'm trying to be thankful that I have a job.  It's not horrible (most days) but honestly I would prefer to go back to staying home.  The IO and the rugrats feel the same.  Baby Girl had an Honor Roll ceremony this AM and I let her come home afterward.  She REALLY wanted me to stay home, but I couldn't.  Keep in mind it's not like she would be sitting next to me the rest of the day, but the kids are used to my presence in the house.  The IO is trying to find side work to make this happen. We'll see.  

In the kitchen... well I DID make dinner!!  I dont always as much as before, but I did tonight.  Pasta with sauce, garlic bread and a salad.  I think this week will be a week of using up what's in the fridge.....

I am wearing... red mickey mouse t-shirt, grey sweats and pink fuzzy socks.  

I am creating... not much.  I have one more row to finish on a charity blanket and then I can send it out.  It will be my last charity blanket for awhile since I want to work on some of my own stuff that's been sitting far too long.

I am going... a bit crazy with all that's on my plate.  Is my life chaotic?  Sure.  Do I handle it with a smile?  Absolutely (ok most days!) but I still feel a bit overwhelmed and I'm trying to figure out how to change it.

I am wondering... what life has in store 6 months from now.  

I am reading... I really am!!!  I checked out The Secret Life of a Knitter and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!!!  However I've renewed it 3 times and am only half way thru it.  It's time to return it to the library.  At least I tried!!!!  

I am hoping... that this post doesnt sound as depressing as I think it does!!!  It's late and I have no brain left to be witty and charming.  

I am looking forward to... our road trip to NC in the spring.  Wanderlust is kicking in big time and I'm ready to hit that open road.  

I am hearing....  Not much.  I have the tv paused while I finish this post, I hear somebody in the kitchen, the clicking of the keyboard, and the bathroom fan.  

Around the house... so I've planted some letttuce and a tomato plant and I have two pots of begonias outside the front door.  I still haven't planted the petunias.  Inside #1 Son has been wanting to paint his room and we finally bought paint last week.  The accent wall (a deep blue) is finished and the other three walls (ice blue, kind of what was in the movie Frozen) will be painted this wknd.

I am pondering... the pros vs the cons of me working.  

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things aka Hemi's Corner...

The best way to spend a rainy afternoon

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Tomorrow night is a religious meeting, Thursday night is steel drum for Baby Girl and #1 Son has been invited to a job fair hosted by Chipotle.  Friday morning is an appt with #1 Son's guidance counselor to figure out what is going on with his mid term grades (4 of his 7 teachers have yet to post his grades) and Friday afternoon Baby Girl is participating in a solo ensemble for music.  Firday night they have theatre.  Saturday we will finish off the plantings outside and get the rest of the paint for #1 Son's room.  In between all of this I will be running back and forth to work.  I am thankful they are this flexible for me, but it is slowly killing me.

A peek into my day... I dropped Baby Girl off at school early for Drama Club.  Met up with another mom and we went to Publix for donuts for two Honor Roll Ceremonies at school today.  Stayed to set up and waited until 10:45 for Baby Girl's Honor Roll Ceremony.  Got home at 11:30, grabbed lunch and headed back out to work.  Got back home around 3:30, checked emails, got a snack, looked at what #1 Son finished off in his room, discussed the week's plans with each kid.  Made dinner.  Suddenly it's 8pm.  

While it's not the same every day, it's this busy every day.  I refuse to let my job get in the way of the time spent with the kids so even though there are times I'm tired, we still go to plays and movies and run errands, etc.  This is what coffee is for!

Can you tell I'm getting tired and crabby???  :)

Ok if you want to play, go here.  Thanks for sifting thru my diatribes tonight.  Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Hello everyone!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Lynn and I used to write a blog here.  It was filled with antics of adorable children, fun vacations and yarn.  Oh, the yarn.  Or stitching.  Occasionally you'd find a virtual quilt show.

Lately, however, this writer has become quite busy.  She has gone back to work.  Her adorable children have become teenagers (yes even Baby Girl).  She looks at her projects with the intent of getting back to them but the best the brain cells can do when there is time is watch mindless TV and play Facebook Games.

Oy am I a mess!!

So in the attempt to gain some semblence of my blog back, I hope to post on Saturdays and Tuesdays.  Yes I am aware it is Sunday.  I am already doing a bang up job.  I have no idea if I can keep this up, but its a start.

Since my original plan was to start on Saturday, I took a picture of my sky.

Today looks the same.  Honestly today is perfect for weather.   Right now it's 69 and sunny.  My sister in law who lives near Raleigh NC is dealing with a temperature of 26 with a wind chill of 18.

That's just wrong.

Meanwhile it's that time of year where I get that itch to plant something.  Even though I am beyond busy, #1 Son and I went to Lowe's and got this.

It's early in the season and they didnt have any 6 packs of tomato plants yet so I will have to get some of those as the weeks progress.  I also got some lettuce.

I really need to start things from seed but it seems when I do I end up not planting them and they end up dying on me. Lets see how long these guys will last.  I also got some petunias from the clearance section but I ran out of dirt so those are still in their containers.  We'll be getting more sometime today.

Hey what is this thing you are posting me on??

It's her blog.  She posts pictures of  us when she has no projects to share.  We get posted a LOT!

So there you have it.  I'm hoping my attempts at blogging will inspire me to knit more so I have projects to post.  Let's hope it works.....

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday Sky with a Side of Stitching

So after a full day of Facebook games on Thursday and a full day of movies on Friday, I'm getting a bit stir crazy.  However I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing, staying off my foot.  I found a project to work on and made some good progress on it.  Remember this guy??

It now looks like this.

I worked on it while watching episodes of The Chew,  Don't Be Tardy (a reality show that was better than expected.  Kind of like a car crash.  You know you shouldn't look, but you cant turn away.  Plus the husband is a football player and really pretty to watch), The Pioneer Woman and Skyfall. 

I was really tempted to add back stitch her face since she's a bit creepy looking w/o her features.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or maybe I'll pull out another project.

I had #1 Son take a pic of my sky.

It really was a pretty day.  I think we had a high of 70. 

Meanwhile my foot?  No difference at all.  I will be calling the dr first thing Monday morning.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Foot Saga Continues

Back in October I mentioned I was having some foot issues.  And they continue.

Apparently whatever bit me back in September keeps rearing its ugly head.  I went to the dr over a month ago and the nurse practitioner didn't touch my foot.  In fact she barely looked at it.  She told me to soak it in Epson salts (which I still cant believe I didn't think of) and gave me a prescription that had four pages of side effects.  I nixed the meds but soaked my foot.  After one day I noticed a difference and within a week it was almost gone.  Fast forward three weeks and not only is the wound back, it's back with a vengeance!  I saw a different nurse practitioner and what a different that made!!  I had three different people look at my foot, it was cultured, I was put on a new antibiotic (apparently no one could figure out why I was put on the original, esp since it is part of the drug family I react to!) and they want me to see a podiatrist.  I've been told to stay off of it as much as I can.  Thankfully we keep it very low key this time of year, but I WAS hoping to make a lasagna and start sorting the garage.  Needless to say, none of that has happened.  I spent most of yesterday playing Facebook games and today has been movies.  I need to find some unfinished project and work on that as well.

Marching band has also made it harder for my foot to heal.  While I'm not marching, I am walking to and from warm up areas, to the field and back to the holding areas.  It's a LOT of walking (or hobbling depending on the time of day!)  However we have finished the season out with our Semi Finals at State last week in Tampa.  We didn't get called back for the finals but we did finish 18th at State!  Not a bad way to finish off the year!!!! 

We also had our winter concert for the middle school.  It's more of a fall concert with the timing.  Either way it turned out well.

The best part of the night?  Baby Girl won the raffle for the Bath & Body basket.  She has tried for this basket every year for the past five years and we have never won.  I told her she would probably win it in her last year at the middle school.  She was a year early. 

While sitting still has been hard on me, it's been great on these guys.

As I type Hemi is on my lap and Theo is under the breakfast tray that holds my computer.  It's been cold so they are loving the additional warm body to snuggle. 

Hope everybody is staying warm and safe. Post a *HI* just so I know you're all still around!!  :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where'd She Go??

Why yes I AM still alive, thanks for asking!!!  It's been literally a month since I last posted.  In the 7 or so years of this blogging business, I have NEVER gone that long!!! 

I will try and remedy that.

What have I been doing this past month??  Too much.  I met up with Dee for a craft day and worked on a sock.  Nothing to show because it's the same sock I've been working on for months now.  I actually brought cross stitch with me, but I'm missing two pairs of reading glasses and I cant see the holes without them.  So no stitching for me! 

I did buy yarn to make a Jayne Hat.

I also hosted our local ladies craft group and guess what?  I worked on NOTHING!  I was attempting to finish up cleaning my house (I failed, instead I made them feel good abt their houses), made some chili in the crock pot and sat and chatted with them until it was time to get #1 Son.

Marching band is coming to a close next week. 

We have one more competition out near Tampa and we will be done for the year.  The kids have done really well with their marching and have earned either straight superiors or overall superiors in their competitions. 

I will miss it, but am ready for a break.  Concert band is not as busy and I'm looking forward to getting my Fridays and Saturdays back.

I am still working part time, but I've been relocated to a different department.  I walk in one day and somebody is sitting in my seat!  I was expecting to be moved to a different desk eventually so it wasn't THAT much of a surprise, however I wasn't expecting to be moved to a different position!  I was moved to a different department, one that I enjoy but OMG am I busy!!!  Like from the second I walk in to the time I walk out the door (which is usually later than I should).  BUT I still get my flex time which is greatly needed. 
Crazy sock day kicked up a notch by Baby Girl!

Dinners have been hit or miss, While I'm only working part time, it's during the time that I would get the most done at home!!!  The porch hasn't been swept in a couple of months, there are piles EVERYWHERE. 

And I still have boxes.

It is now a year that we've moved into this house.  Granted it's been a hectic year, but COME ON!! 


While I cant bring myself to toss out boxes that I haven't opened in a year, I DO plan on working on the garage during the four days we get off for Thanksgiving.  We keep things rather low key here and I like to buck the system.  I'll probably make a lasagna.  This will give me 4 days in a row to actually get something done.

The garage.  The majority of the boxes in the garage are mine.  And of those boxes the majority of the things IN them are fabric.  I need to see what has survived the year in a non climate controlled atmosphere and of that, what do I still want?  I feel a purging coming along. 

I swear sometimes I think I should just choose an old post from a few years ago and cut and paste.  I see a cycle of subjects that keep repeating themselves.  Kids, school, work, insane husbands, cats.  I'm like the magazines, same subject, same time of year, different words. 

Um, HELLO!!!!  I'm new!!

Ok now that you know I am still alive and a bit loopy, (I blame the cold meds) I am ending here.  I'm rambling on and not sure how to end this in a logical manner.  If I thought abt it, I'd probably delete the entire post, but where's the fun in that??? 

Ok THIS will be my last comment.  If you want to see a part of #1 Son's marching band, go here.  It's only 1:30 long and one of my favorite parts of it.  The theme this year was The Storm, and around :40 you see them do the spiral of death!  LOL  Enjoy!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

What Happened to Fall??

We had a BEAUTIFUL day last week, highs were only in the high 70s or low 80s.  Yesterday we hit 90.  I think we hit 90 again today.  Another front goes thru on Wednesday so we'll be back into the 80s.  Still warm but not center-of-the-sun hot.  I'll take it.

Yesterday's sky was beautiful, but I never took a picture.  I went into town to get a shot over the lake but apparently there was a folk festival going on and I couldn't find any parking close by.   #1 Son and I just got back from a neighboring town to see a friend of his.  She is self published and the local library was hosting a Young Adult genre book signing event.  There were around 12 local authors there.  Very cool to be selling books at 17.

While we were there we took in some geocaching, antiquing and lunch.
I'm happy he still will each lunch with me.  That face of his is reflective of me trying to use technology.

The scary thing abt antiquing?  I remember it all!!!  THAT is a bit strange.  Either I've had it, seen it or know what it is.  I laugh when I point out McDonald's glasses we had or dinnerware or furniture.   However I do draw the line at 80s merchandise.  That is less than 40 years ago and does NOT qualify as antique!!!  We also hit some thrift stores along the way.  My son has a quirky personality and he loves all the cool stuff in these stores. 

Of course it's been another non stop week of not one but TWO girls' nights out.  A friend of ours has been considering moving and she got the word to go.  She leaves in 3 weeks which doesn't leave us much time to plan anything so we just had a small group meet at Starbucks to say our goodbyes.  They aren't officially gone yet but there is just no time left for anything more.

Bye Christine, we'll miss you!

I love that I'm playing hard as well as working hard but OMG am I tired!!!!  I laid down last week around 5pm just to rest and the next thing I know it's 9pm.  I did the same thing yesterday after we got back from our outing.  We played hooky today and cancelled what we had planned because there was no way I was leaving the house.  I really don't know how some people do it. 

Next week is no different.  Band practices have been ramped up for #1 Son while Baby Girl had one of her steel drum practices cancelled.  Oh did I mention she is in Drama club now??  I have sticky notes all over my calendar just to keep track of which kid is where and what time I have to get them. 

I also have a dr's appt set up on Wed to check out my foot.  It is better, but I still can't walk barefooted on it.  It should be dried up by now and it is not.  I will spare you the rest of the details.

Meanwhile I have three loads of laundry on the floor in my bedroom that need to be folded and put away.  Right now everybody is doing the hunt for your own underwear dance.  I have a dwindling pantry since I need to grocery shop and I have no idea how our power is still on since I am very late in paying it. 

All is not lost, however.  I went thru another box from the garage that was mostly clothes.  A couple of things Baby Girl still wants, but the rest will go to Goodwill tomorrow.  One bag out and one laundry basket free!!  I think we'll be seeing a bit more of that now that I have decided not to have a yard sale.  I have probably enough to make $60 and while this is money that I can use, it is NOT worth the time and energy and brain power it will require to set it all up and then tear it all down.  It will be donated instead. 

If you've made it this far, thank you!  I've rambled on a bit (or a lot depending on your definition) and appreciate all your comments.  I have no knitting to share so we'll just stick to what works. Cute kittens in baskets.

No he's not mine, he is my friend's new kitten Sabien.  He is ADORABLE!!