Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shopping Therapy

As usual, it's been hectic. I've had to go back to work this past week, but instead of my in laws coming out to watch the kids, I had to have my babysitter stay with the rugrats. They had a great time, even though it was much more expensive for me. I've been especially stressed because of all that's been going on (working, chaotic house, running errands WITH kids, Samson) and what's coming up (trip to Key Largo for SIL's wedding). THANKFULLY I don't have to go back to work until Jan 8th. WOOHOO!!! I like my job, they are FANTASTIC when it comes to my schedule, but it's still one more thing that has to be done in the day.

So today I got in the car and went shopping. BY MYSELF!!..

First stop, JoAnn's. They were having a good sale and I was in need of some touch therapy. Feeling the fabrics and yarns has such a soothing effect on me. Touching the flannels, the cordouroys, the satins. The smell of the books, the feel of the yarns. I didn't buy as much as I could have, there is so much at home that I want to do, so I just bought for projects I had in mind. That being said I bought some yarn for a CIC sweater.

It's a bit blurry but you get the idea of the colors. They also had Paton's Classic Wool on sale 40% off and I had some of that in my cart as well, but I put it back. I got a *little* less wool for the same price as the Paton's but I really love the color combinations. I think it will make a fun sweater for a kid who is in desperate need for one.

Next project in my mind is to finally start working on #1 Son's quilt again. I was planning a much more complicated one for him, but I'm realizing that I need to simplify it if I want to get it done. So it will be just simple patchwork of novelty prints and blue squares. I have some blue fabric at home, but you know how that goes.......

You have to add to the pile!! LOL Fabrics were on sale at a great price so I got more blues to add to what I have. I was hoping to get some of their clearance fabrics, but they were SOO picked over!! Apparently not one but TWO quilting guilds were there that AM and bought a LOT of the bargain fabric (which is still really nice since the majority of it is just discontinued, past season fabrics) and the batting. I used to work for JoAnn's and KNOW the amount of quilters we have in the area so it must have been VERY busy at the cutting table earlier today!

Now that I have these blues to add to what I already have in my stash, hopefully I will get this quilt done before the end of next year. His toddler quilts just aren't cutting it anymore.

To round things out, I also picked this up using my coupon.

It was a quick grab as I walked by the mags, but I'm interested in reading abt the socks using any yarn.

Stop #2 was the local mall. I had a few things to return and a few more things I needed to buy. Did pretty well, but not as much as I had hoped. I'm putting together a gift bag for my SIL and her fiance and I'm having so much fun doing it!! And the kids decided that they wanted to make their own wedding cards which turned out really cute. I will spend tomorrow organizing everything and making sure that last minute details are taken care of. Monday will be packing. We will leave Tues AM, early enough to still be morning, but late enough to avoid traffic. Key Largo is abt a 5 hour drive according to Map Quest so I will have some time to knit or stitch.

Speaking of knitting, I'm still plugging away on the scarf for the Red Scarf Project (see sidebar for more info). And I've worked some more on Maggie. I think she'll be coming down with me as well so hopefully I will get a good section done on her.

Last but not least, my Saturday Sky......

That light blob is the moon. I didn't take one before I hit the stores and came back when it was dark! Now THAT's a good day of shopping!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Hills are Alive

Can I tell you how much I love this movie? I swear I watch it every time it comes on TV. I have the DVD special edition of it as well, but its just not the same. I need to see it with the commercials to get the full effect of being 10 again and watching it with my family. This movie (and a pitcher of Mud Slides) has definitely made me feel better.

Busyness also makes one forget your troubles. Tomorrow my in laws are coming out. I wasnt expecting them so soon, but apparently my MIL's brother died and they will be flying back up for the funeral. We will take them to the airport, and then pick them back up when they fly back. Once they come back we will be heading down to the FLorida Keys for my SIL's wedding. This is going to be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it.

Here is a look at the sky today.

It was quite beautiful, but VERY humid!! Made the house sticky. This is why they invented a/c! Who wants to be sticky??

I also decided that I needed to switch projects for a bit. I have abt 20" of scarf done and needed a break from the yarn and needles. So I pulled out some floss. And Maggie. She needed to come out to play since I havent worked on her since JUNE! Yikes!! I didn't realize it's been that long! Here is the last time she was worked on, and I also think the last time I met the girls for an S&B. Far too long for my taste. Once I rotate her out, I will take another updated picture of her.

On a final note, I want to thank you all for your kind words. It's been rough, I find myself looking outside for Samson before I realize that I won't find him. However this is why I like to have more than one animal in the house. I can work thru my grief by smothering the other two! And OH they are SO happy this is the case!! LOL Samson was my model, but the other two shall have to share the limelight. On that note I present Caesar, the Old one. He will be 17 in Jan and as you can tell, he is trying to hide from the papparazzi. However the camera lens sees all! Even thru bushes and the shadows!!

Zoom the camera in and you will see this face!

Good Lord! She's gone completely mad!! Maybe if I just lay very still, she will go away......

Ok I now need to get said cat from the outdoors and cuddle him while I watch the rest of The Sound of Music. The Baroness just broke off the engagement and the Captain and Maria are professing their love for each other. The Mud Slides have worn off and I need some loving from a kitty.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Goodnight sweet prince. You will be missed.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A VERY bad day.

Back in May I was told my Samson was in Chronic Kidney Failure. Basically his kidneys were not doing their job of cleaning out the toxins in his body. I did a lot of research, talked with the vet and the IO and we decided that since there wasn't much we could do to cure him, we would let him live his life until the quality was not there.

Unfortunately we have hit that mark.

He had a fat lip that under further inspection showed it was a bad infection. Without going into too much detail, the toxins in his body are starting to take over. The vet drew more blood, but he's basically preparing me for the worst.

I've debated abt posting this to my blog, but since I show so many pictures of him, I felt I'd be remissed if I didn't explain why he wasnt getting any more air time. I keep hoping for a miracle but when your cat doesn't want to eat, drink or even fight over computer desk space, you know you need to do the humane thing.

This sucks.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I Did it Again.

Well I finished #1 Son's sock Saturday night like I hoped. Had him try it on. It was tight. UGH! I stretched it out a bit on his foot and he said it felt better. I made him wear it for abt 1/2 hour to see how it would feel after he wore it for a bit. He said it felt great but when I looked at it, the back of the heel was UNDER his heel instead!

How it is possible that this is the 2nd pair of socks that I've tried to make for this kid and IT DOESN'T FIT!! I even measured his foot to make sure that it was long enough. The only thing I can figure is that I can't add negative ease to his socks. He has a VERY wide foot and I think he needs that extra bit to help with the stretch around his foot.

Here is what the sock looks like.

I tried it on Baby Girl and of course it fit her fine! I was going to make a matching one for her, but there are some things abt this sock I'm not happy with. The gusset was a bit wonky, but as long as it looked ok on, I wasnt going to worry abt it. Well the gusset looks fine, but there are ladders on both sides of the heel!! I'm gonna have to rip it all out.


So I'm not doing well with the vest and the sock isnt working. Now what? I cast on for The Red Scarf Project. Twice. I was NOT having a good knitting night. I finally got it right and got into a nice groove.

Apparently I don't do so well on things that HAVE to get done. I still want to get the vest done, but I need to take a break from it for a bit. And I will probably do another pair of socks before I do another pair for #1 Son.

And I think Maggie will be coming out to play.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

NEVER Say Boring!

Ever since I said that a cloudless blue sky was B-O-R-I-N-G, we haven't had one! We've had rain and clouds or a blue sky with puffy clouds. I don't mind the puffy clouds, but the rain and humidity have got to go! Here is what we had today.

The only blue I could find breaking thru the clouds. Temps were around 72.

What was done on a Saturday such as this? Lots of cleaning! I tackled #1 Son's bedroom and the IO tackled the kitchen. This pretty much took the majority of our day! Finally got #1 Son's room complete, including moving things around so that he'd feel more comfortable in his room. He LOVES it and spent the rest of the afternoon playing in it.

As far as the kitchen, ugh. What a job! The IO took the stove apart to give it a thorough cleaning plus to check to make sure there was no damage. It's a good thing too since some of the wiring was damaged and live wire was exposed! YIKES!! I no longer have a front right burner, but that's ok, better safe than sorry. A new stove has been on my list for awhile so really there isn't much love lost. There isn't any extra money either so a new stove will have to wait on the back burner. (LOLOL yes, let's all have a collective groan!)

In knitting news, I've been plugging away on this same sock and it's taking forever! It feels like I'm making a sock for the IO instead of #1 Son! It's a sock for a kid! I should have BOTH of them done by now!! I'm hoping to at least finish sock #1 tonight and get a good start on sock #2 tomorrow. Updated pictures will follow.

Friday, December 15, 2006

How Weird Are You??

First thanks for all the well wishes. I *think* I'm getting better. I feel better, but not 100% yet. I'm a little worried since I only have 2 days of meds left and I dont think I will magically wake up Monday morning feeling fantastic. But then again, do ANY of us wake up Monday mornings feeling fantastic? We'll see. I've got the dr on speed dial.

Also thanks for all the kind thoughts abt the kitchen. Both Deborah and Singular Stitches wanted to know who cleaned up all the mess?? Who said its cleaned up?? The IO said to leave it, he will clean it. I've been cleaning around it. He's slow and I'm stubborn. A match made in heaven (or hell, depending on the day). I did get rid of the burnt fries since they were beginning to smell.

Now that I've thoroughly grossed you all out, let's move on to a meme I've been tagged for. Jane tagged me yesterday for a new meme. And apparently there are rules!!

“THE RULES:Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

Here we go!

1. I only like to use a big spoon when eating ice cream or cereal. Small spoons just dont feel right in my mouth.

2. I lock up the house the same way every night. If I do it out of order, I have to restart from the beginning to make sure I did it right. I blame my grandfather on this quirk. He did the same thing every night and it used to make me nuts. And now I do it. Thanks grampa!

3. The second I get into bed at night, I get right back out because I realized that I didnt lock the house up (see #2) or I forgot to give the cats dry food for the night or I forgot to take my medicine. Then the IO will say, "You know you do this every night". It's like a night time ritual.

4. I have slept on the same side of the bed since I was aged in the single digits, always the right side. If I slept on the left, I couldn't sleep. That would be weird enough (even though I know there are lots of us out there), but in the past 6 months I've been sleeping on the LEFT side of the bed. When Baby Girl climbs into bed, she sleeps on the very edge which causes me to move over and causes the IO to move to her bed. I am now sleeping on the left side of the bed. What's sad is now when I go to sleep, I cant sleep on the right anymore.

5. My toes and ankles make cracking noises when I walk. This has been like this since as long as I can remember. I cant sneak up on anybody because my ankles and toes alert the media!

6. I can't wear turtle necks. I can't stand having anything tight around my neck. Living in FL makes this a non issue, but when I lived in NY for 5 years, you'd think I would just bite the bullet. Nope. When it got that cold outside, I would wear a scarf because after being in an enclosed building with the heat blasting, I would have to take the scarf off so I could breathe.

So now you know.

Ok I am going to tag Dee, Susie, Sue, Deborah, Singular Stitches, and Stacy

Aren't you all glad you commented in the month of December?? There were a few more, but they have been spared. THIS time. Have fun!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I decided to take the vest outside today. Even though its overcast, I figured I could get some decent pictures of the dark yarn. Here are the two front panels.

I finished up the 2nd panel to where I need to start decreasing for the arm holes. Meanwhile I pull out panel #1 to look at where I made my error. See where the safety pin is holding those few stitches?

This is where I figure my mystake is. That should be on the inside, so basically I did the shaping for the neck where the armhole is and vice/versa. No biggie. I go over the directions for the ribbing when I notice that I made an even bigger error than I thought..... Go back to the picture I just showed you. Go ahead, I'll wait......

Do you see the tan yarn sticking out over the stitch counter and needle?? Apparently I need to rip back to THERE since I was following instructions for the WRONG SWEATER!!! ARGH!! I need to do different decreases for both the neck and the armholes. These will be at the same time so I really need to do them when I wont be interupted! HA!


Oh and I'm getting a bit worried on the yarn surplus (or lack of). Once these panels are fixed, I will be seaming the shoulders together, adding the ribbing to the front all the way around to the back of the neck and then ribbing for the arms to finish them off. Not much at all, but add one more ball of the same size of yarn shown, and you will see how much yarn I will be working with......

Mom, you don't look so good.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Burning Down the House

It all started when I asked the Insane One to make dinner. I was tired from the day and it was 4:30. If we started a chicken now we could eat at a normal time. The IO can make a chicken no problem so he said sure. Around 5:30 he decided to make some french fries. I'm thinking he's going to cut up potatoes in french fry fashion and bake them in the oven.



I heard a bunch of clatter going on and the kids are freaking out. I ask if everything is ok (I have now moved to the office which is off the kitchen. The only part I can see of the kitchen is the pantry). I'm told everything is fine but when I could see the glow of fire against the pantry wall, I knew there was a problem.

I walk in to see the IO taking a lid and covering the back burner, lift it up and try to blow on it, and then cover it back up. He left the lid over the burner and the fire went out. Meanwhile the fire alarm in the living room is going off and my house is filling with smoke. #1 Son is starting to cough and I quickly shoo them into our bedroom and shut the door. I now turn around and start opening up windows to try to air the house out. The smoke in the living room is actually getting quite bad and I'm really starting to cough. I go look for the IO and what is he doing?


I look at him like he's insane (see there IS a reason I call him the Insane One!), tell him to shut the burners off, put down the spoon and HELP ME OPEN WINDOWS!!! He now looks as me like I'm over reacting, but he does put down the spoon and help. By now I'm coughing and having a hard time breathing (hello, remember me?? The sick one?!?!), the fire alarm is STILL going off and he finally realizes that the living room is pretty bad. He tells me to go into the bedroom with the kids and he will fix it.

I eventually go outside because the headache that formed from the fire and smoke got worse when I was in the bedroom with 2 LOUD kids chattering abt the fire along with kid TV on in the background. I grab a blanket, sit on a plastic adirondack chair with my back to the house and proceed to breathe deeply. Apparently the IO wanted to use oil to make french fries. He put in abt 4 inches of oil in a pan and put it on med high. When the oil didnt really react (like BOIL!) he decided to drop in a handful of potatoes to see what would happen. WHOOSH! Kitchen inferno!!

When the IO comes looking for me to tell me dinner is ready and sees me wrapped up like a mummy outside, he tells the kids that I was crazy. Yeah, *I'm* the one.

Here is the carnage.

Nice huh? Click on the pictures to get the full impact. Notice the Everyday Food magazines I have next to the stove? When I walked in and saw him blowing on the flame, the flames were licking at those magazines. I just kept thinking my kitchen would eventually be engulfed in flames. Later I thought of Everybody Loves Raymond and his attempt at stopping a fire. Thankfully we didn't have the same scenerio.

Here is the back of my stove and the wall that had been freshly painted not that long ago.


And here are the culprits.

You'd think they'd be more burnt with all the mess they made.

Needless to say, *I* made dinner tonight.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Great News!

I don't have mono!! I just have a really bad infection. I can live with that!! I still have little energy and the meds aren't working as quickly as I'd like. If anything they make me feel worse since its doing a number on my digestive system. BUT I DON'T HAVE MONO and for that I'm thrilled! And the other good news, I'm losing weight from all this so hopefully I'll be quite svelte for my sil's wedding in Jan! LOL

Changing gears, remember how we had a REALLY cold day last week? It was only a high of 56 and with the wind chill it was in the 40s. Here is what my fashion plate decided to put together.

And not a stitch of pink can be found!

The same day of all that cold was the same day that #1 Son turned 8.

The photo's a bit blurry but I LOVE it so much since its a true smile, not his typical *canned* ones.

"Some" knitting has been happening. I've really done VERY little this wknd, I hate not even having energy to knit, BUT I did work on #1 Son's sock (I'm at the heel flap) and I also pulled out his vest and did 7 rows. WOOHOO!! I am SO not into either of these projects right now. I REALLY want to cast on for another pair of socks for me. Yes a bit selfish of me, but with the way I've been feeling, those socks are something that could really be used abt now. I'm wearing those brown ones a LOT, even took them out of the laundry pile to wear 2 nights ago (but at that point *I* really should have been in the laundry pile too). But I digress. I REALLY want that vest done, if for nothing else, I don't have to work on it anymore. It doesnt help that I think I messed up the front left side. Yes I will frog it back to do it over, I just HATE doing that.....

I don't care WHAT she works on, as long as she stays in bed and I can sleep next to her.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm Not Dead Yet!

I think I'll go for a walk.

If you are not familiar with where this comes from, go HERE.

That being said, I still don't feel great and have little energy. I'm basically in bed all day watching TV. Not such a bad thing if I had enough energy to knit. I've done a little bit of work on #1 Son's socks and nothing on his vest. I just don't have the mind for it. The cats are LOVING it since they pretty much stay either next to me or ON me the whole time. They don't even go running when the kids decide to run and jump on the bed (which happens A LOT).

However, I was still able to take pictures of the sky today. I looked outside around 10:30 and it was all blue. B-O-R-I-N-G. Then around 1pm we had this.....

and this

Around 4pm we had this for a temp

and this sky

But my favorite view was of this at around 8:45pm

and this

What is this?? A view of this from my house

I know they just look like blobs of light in these pictures, but it was SOO much better in person!! At night you can see so much more since everything is lit. When the rocket boosters separate from the main rocket, you can SEE it!! I tried getting pictures but it just wasnt working out well so I just sat and enjoyed it. The neighbors next door and the neighbors across the street were outside as well so we aren't the only science geeks in the area!! Of course I doubt they rewound the DVR to watch the whole thing all over again on tv, but I could be wrong.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Plague

The good news, I don't have strep.

The bad news, I might have mono.


Honestly I don't think I have mono. Most people I've talked to who've had mono could barely get out of bed, let alone get the kids ready for school, themselves ready for work, drop off the kids, work the AM until its time to pick up Baby Girl, go home and make us all lunch, pick up #1 Son in the afternoon and make dinner. At this point I'm falling into bed and am there the rest of the night. I still think this is too much for a person with mono to accomplish. I think the Dr is erring on the side of caution, but I'd rather that than to say I'm not that bad. If I could just remove my head, clean it all out and put it back on, I'd be much better!! LOL

The good news of all this? I have no desire to "housewife" today. I'm going to make myself some breakfast, take my multitude of pills and sit on the couch until its time to get Baby Girl. And because I'm one big infected mess from the neck up, I dont feel bad abt it! If the knitting is in reach, I will do some of that. I've got the heat cranked up (its in the 40s with a wind chill in the 30s) and I'll pull out a quilt and have some kitties snuggle with me. Sounds like a plan to me!!

If you sit in the sun, I'm TOTALLY there!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Prefer the Socks

I finished #1 Son's front left vest panel today. Here is a picture of the blob of yarn.

It looks better when I lay it on me and stretch it out to see the shaping of it. However I REALLY think I made a mistake toward the top. I think I started shaping the neck where the shoulder should be and the shoulder where the neck should be. They are VERY similar so I think I'll be able to fudge it when I add the binding around it. I'm at a point that i'm really not enjoying it anymore. I just want it done. I cast on for the front right panel, did abt 4 rows and put it away. I just couldnt look at it anymore today.

Meanwhile I cast on for some socks.

Mindless vanilla socks again. I think abt adding a pattern, esp since I see such gorgeous socks out there with great looking patterns, but then I realize that I'm doing this for ME, not for others, so vanilla socks it is. I enjoy the mindlessness of it all, a big reason I'm knitting these days. These will also be for #1 Son. He's happy that I'm finally knitting him a pair of socks!! I even let him pick out the yarn from the stash.

Speaking of knitting for children, Baby Girl got her poncho caught in the chain of her bike. The IO was able to get it out after taking the bike apart, and thankfully there were no holes. Baby Girl was REALLY upset by it all, thought the poncho was ruined, but since its made from acrylic, I threw it in the wash and it looks great! Can't even tell if there are any grease stains due to the variegation of the yarn! Gotta love acrylic for kids!! Especially mine.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Sky

It's Saturday and in addition to taking it easy today, I did manage to look up.

Blech. It's been yucky all day. The front that is dumping a ton of snow over the midwest is making us cloudy and damp.

But at least we are still warm....

Our cold air won't come thru until Monday when we'll have a low of 49. Yes that is spring for some of you, but quite chilly for us natives.

I'm blaming the weather for my blahness today. Not really motivated for much. My huge list of shopping and movies was downgraded to just one place. JoAnn's. I didn't buy as much as expected. I got 3 scrapbooks to fix #1 Son's Kindergarten one (it fell apart from being worn out) and to make one for 1st grade. Considering we are almost 1/2 way thru 2nd grade, I figured this was a good idea. I also bought one for Baby Girl. I make very simple scrapbook pages. Nothing fancy, just some pictures put on some coordinating paper. It's more for them to look back on (which explains why the kindergarten one is worn out!) They have a Quilter's Workstation on sale 50% off which I REALLY want to get, but it's HEAVY. Since the majority of women that work there are 50+, I decided to go back tomorrow with the Insane One so that he can carry it out. Yarnwise, alot of stuff went in and out of my cart. I had some fisherman's wool in the cart, but used the 50% off coupon for something else. There was some wool yarn in the clearance bins, but it will be cheaper next wknd so I'm going to wait. There were also some really cute kits for making felted purses that I debated on, but it was still more than I wanted to spend. This does NOT mean that I walked out sans yarn. I found one lone Patons Wool in brown that will match the paprika perfectly!

I will either use it to make a kid's sweater for CIC or some socks. I'm also debating on using some other wool yarn I got off of eBay, knitting it up into kid socks and THEN dying them with Kool Aid. Not sure how that will work....

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get some play doh off of Baby Girl's eyes. Apparently it doesnt make a very good eye patch......

Friday, December 01, 2006

Some Yarny Goodness

Remember Socktoberfest? At the end of it, Lolly had giveaways to those who joined. Amazingly enough, I was one of the winners! Very exciting to me because I've never won a blog contest before. I get with my girl Mia (I'd add her link but her blog isnt coming up for me) who will be sending out my winning yarn. Well just like everybody else, November was a busy month for her and she mailed it out later than she wanted to, so she told me she added a little something extra.

Here is what I got.....

Isnt it lovely?? Here I was expecting yarn to knit a pair of socks with and I get enough for TWO!!

But wait, there's more!!!

Ok this woman went over and above the call of duty!! She also included a card that had a closeup of a cat in a pink afghan. SO cute!! Mia you did an incredible job and I am thrilled!!

But that's not the end of the yarny goodness. I went to JoAnn's today to use up my 40% off coupons. I havent been in that store in a LONG time and I've been debating getting some yarn for
CIC. I decided to go today to pick some up with my coupons. Here's what I got.....

Some Patons merino wool in Paprika. I'm going back tomorrow for a huge sale and may get another skein in a coordinating color.

Meanwhile I need to get back to working on #1 Son's vest. I've been so busy this past week, I havent knit on ANYTHING since I finished my socks.

Monday, November 27, 2006

About Last Night

I do my best work at night.

They are finished and I am really happy with them! Here are the stats.....

Knit Picks Sock Landscape Mesa 100% Merino wool
Cast on 56 stitches on size 2dpns
Worked K1P1 ribbing for 6 rows then K3P1 rib for a total of 4.5" cuff
Stockinette foot
Sock #1: 10/23-11/19/06
Sock #2: 11/19-11/26/06

Now the next question is, what sock yarn to use next?? I've been progressively going down a needle size on each sock so may try my next pair on a size 1. I really want to try my Regia Bamboo yarn but its similar in colorway to the above sock and I need to do something different. I may have to do something in pink and purple.

Samson says:

Yes I am beautiful. You cannot look away, but you must. Bring me treats.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bet you thought I forgot!

It's Saturday! But where is my sky?? Right here!

And the temp at 12:45pm today.

Not a bad temp, but with the sky being cloudy and it being windy, it felt cooler than it actually was.

Health is on an upswing because basically I'm doing nothing. I think I did dishes today and oh yeah, I picked up a pizza, but that was the extent of it all. I've either been on the computer or on the bed watching tv. Whenever I get motivated to start something, I get overwhelmed by whatever project I want to start, so I sit in front of some kind of monitor and veg. You'd think I was getting lots of knitting done as well, but not really. I finally turned the heel on sock #2 and I'm on the foot. I swear I have dropped more stitches on these two socks than I have on anything else. EVER. Just tonight I was switching dpns and the one I grabbed out of my hand was the one with the live stitches on it, instead of the empty one. This is what I get for trying to watch The Producers while trying to knit.

One more day before back to reality. I'm hoping I finish the sock by tomorrow night before I go back to my crazy/busy schedule. But at least something will finally get done in the house. One can only live in squalor for so long, right?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble Gobble

Somewhere some turkey is saying thank you to us. You see, we buck the system here. We are non traditionalists. *WE* don't eat turkey today just because everybody else does. Not us. We had LASAGNA today instead! With meat sauce and sausage. Yummmmm.

So a turkey was spared.

Oh wait. We had turkey sandwiches for lunch today.

~Never mind~

In other news, much knitting is being accomplished. How I'm not making major mistakes while on cold meds is beyond me, but hey, I'm going with it. First up, the back of #1 Son's vest is complete.

I know, it looks like one big blob of knitted nothingness. I just cant seem to get a good picture of it. Maybe once I have it finished and being modeled by #1 Son. However, this part took me over a month to do. At this rate it will be done by March when it will no longer be cold enough for it.

I've also made some progress on my sock. One is complete and the other is almost at the point where I can start the heel.

And on a final note, what kids will do to get out of going to bed!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why is it?

Why is it that all my witty banter and creative blog ideas take place at all the wrong times?? Like while picking up the kids from school. Or doing laundry. Or laying in bed at night too tired to move. And yet when I do make it to the computer to put it all down, nothin'. Crickets play in the background. A blank page staring back at me. I blame it on the cold meds.

Yes cold meds. We are sick. AGAIN! This is getting crazy!! I have been sick more times this year than I have I think EVER! Baby Girl has had this cough on and off for abt a month. As soon as she gets better it comes back. But then again 1/2 her pre-K class has the same cough. #1 Son was sick on Sunday. So was the Insane One for that matter. He went to work on Monday but I kept the rest of us home. Tues was a short day and we are all now home the rest of the week. #1 Son and the IO are much better. Baby Girl still doesnt feel great, but with the holiday the soonest we can get to the Dr would be Monday. I may need to switch around the OTC meds. And me? I'm not dead yet, but I'm working on it. I blame it on the snow.

Yes SNOW! According to the weathermen in our fair city, we had snow flurries last night! I heard the rain and I knew it was cold, but never did I think SNOW! Ok itty bitty flakes fell from the sky and melted on impact so I'm not sure how many of you would call that snow, but for us here in Central Florida? That's a blizzard! I wish I would have known as it was happening because I would have LOVED to have shown the kids. Oh and the last time it snowed in Central Florida in November?? 1912. If this keeps up we'll be wearing parkas by Jan! What ever happened to global warming?!!? I blame it on the Insane One.

Yes the Insane One. He asked something of me that I thought he NEVER would ask. He wants me to knit him a pair of socks. Can you say jaw dropping into lap? I NEVER thought he'd want me to knit him anything. He's just not a sweater kind of guy. He's from NY so it has to be REALLY cold for him to wear anything resembling a sweater. But there I was, sitting on the bed working on my sock when he said it. He wants a pair of black socks with red toes. So once I finish my socks I will find some black and red yarn. All I can say is he'd better wear them.

The world's gone mad. It snowed in Orlando and the IO wants me to knit for him. What could be next?? I'm afraid to ask........

As you can see, we are ALL having trouble sleeping due to these strange events.....

Saturday, November 18, 2006

This is why everybody comes here.......

Yes we DO get rain, just not very much around this time of year. Here is the sky and temp at 8:30 this AM.

I had to put on sweatpants and socks this AM!! I know, no sympathy.

I took this picture from the front of the house instead of the back. Gotta mix up the blue!

Somebody else out enjoying the weather.

As I'm writing this, the rest of the family are watching a show called How It's Made. It's a cool show on the Science Channel that shows you how things are made. Today's show is about how mannequins, hypodermic needles and believe it or not, how socks are made! I keep hearing bits and pieces and boy are they bragging how fast a sock can be made on a machine vs a human! Well LA DI DA!! I may not be fast but my yarn is much nicer than plain vanilla white!!

Speaking of my socks, I am still on sock #1. I apparently dropped a stitch but didnt notice it until I was 7 rows past it. I'm a bit of a tight knitter so it never went anywhere, it just sort of stuck out. It took me awhile to figure out what happened, but once I did I realized I did it early on and needed to rip out all that I just did! BLECH. And then I had to rip back a couple more rows since I couldnt pick up all the stitches with my size 2 needle, they kept slipping down.....Pulled out the 000 needle, got them all back on and did a couple of rows just to get it all back to normal. And its not as if I'm doing anything fancy! Just stst on the foot.......I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have a completed sock done by then.

I hate visiting the frog pond unless its to see one of these guys......

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One Skein In.....

I've been working on #1 Son's vest and I just finished using the first skein. I was a bit worried that I didn't have enough yarn for this project, but that first skein lasted longer than I expected so I'm pretty sure I'm good to go. But I won't have much left over......

Also, in true Happy Acres style, we made a school project a group effort. #1 Son had a project for school, a cut out turkey that needed a disguise for Thanksgiving. You had to do more than color it in, BE CREATIVE we were told. #1 Son and the Insane One were brainstorming and came up with Bob the Builder. The IO made the safety goggles, #1 Son made the hat and the tools, Baby Girl made the tape measure and I made the clothes. Yes it's a bit more involved than a second grader would have done alone, but it sort of took on a life of its own. It may not exactly be what the teacher wanted, but we had fun as a family!! LOL

And last but not least, the IO has started a new job. He is now a Parks Inspector for the county. Oh and he has a patent pending. And did I mention that while at the music store today a guy from Nashville Star wants him to write country music songs for him to sing on the show?? These things only happen to the IO. Conversation here has either been abt electricity or "wouldn't that make the coolest country song?!?!" It's no wonder I'm aging so quickly......