And so it starts.........

I knew I'd cave. Talk about peer pressure! I wanted to join in with the crowd. Jump off the bridge because everybody else was doing it. Where's my mother when I need her??

Well its partially her fault. She is the one who taught me to knit so SHE's the reason I love to feel the fibers slip thru my fingers and SHE's the reason I love all those beautiful patterns and shiny needles. My grandfather taught me how to shop for a bargain so HE's the reason I cant pass up a good sale on yarn or fabric (I like to quilt and cross stitch as well......). AND my great grandfather was a tailor so HE's the reason I cant walk past a fabric store. So its genetic!! I can't help it. I'm pre-wired that way.......

I'm in need of therapy but that would blow the craft budget so instead I'll start this blog and keep the money for stash. I've found knitting to be great therapy, saving my sanity MANY a time. (just holding up a pointy needle makes offending, stressful people move back, and using dpns makes me that much more a force to be reckoned with). Plus I like to talk about what I love and this gives me a forum to do it.Since I have been reading blogs for awhile I have no qualms about blatantly stealing er BORROWING ideas that I enjoy from them so you will see links to KALs and pictures of kids (Baby Girl and Number1Son) and cats and works in progress (be it knitting, sewing, quilting, cross stitching or gardening).

Peer can be a good thing.


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