Brain Seepage

Even with all the help from the IO and Dee, I still have a mental block with all this computer blog lingo needed for making it all look pretty. However you WILL notice that I have added a button on the side of my blog along with a heading for future things to come. The brain matter just doesn't seem to want to wrap around this info. And its not like its BRAIN surgery!! Well I am a stubborn one and will NOT let it kick my butt. I will keep plodding away on the side and will probably have it where I want it by my one year anniversary.

As promised here are the pictures of the finished socks.

I washed them in the sink with some shampoo from the shower and let them air dry. WOW are they soft!!! I wasn't so sure how they would feel because they weren't that soft as I knit them but they washed up well and look great now that they are dry.

Specifics, socks are made with Lionbrand Magic Stripes Jelly Bean on size 2 dpns. I cast on 56 stitches and worked in a K1P1 rib for almost an inch and finished the cuff with a K3P1 rib for a total of 4.75inches. They are the same size but somehow that 1st sock ended up with a bit of red at the tip!! I'm not happy about it but there is NO way its coming out!

I washed the Cascade socks as well and they look SO much better now that they were washed!!

Specifics on these, yarn is Cascade Fixation knit up on size 3 dpns. I cast on 48sts for these and did a K2P2 rib for 2.5 inches and also knit for 10 rounds before I started the heel. They look like they shrunk up a bit but that's ok since they are for my friend with the smaller feet.

Now, tragedy!! I have no socks OTN and don't know what to start! It looks like I will pull out Baby Girl's poncho and knit some more on that one. I'm really thinking that I will run out of yarn with this poncho. The only solutions are either get more yarn in another dye lot OR rip it out and use a different pattern that will stretch the yarn out a bit more........I'm not quite half way thru the yarn for the one side so I'll continue and see how big it is 1/2 way thru......


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