The Crazy Days of Summer

So what ever happened to the LAZY, hazy days of summer?!?!!?! I'm just getting the crazy part and I'm starting to feel jipped. I want the lazy part. I NEED the lazy part! I havent stopped since last Sunday and I'm really getting tired.

What have I been doing?? I really dont know to tell you the's just been really busy. My sisters came to visit on Thursday which required a cleaning of the kids' bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. Done. On Friday when I have the day off from work, my sisters went looking at condominiums in the area and the rest of us went to run errands, get haircuts for the boys, and pick up our wood laminate that we ordered for our floors. Everything was going well until we get there......guess what? The price they (verbally) quoted us was wrong. The ACTUAL price is like $600 MORE than we originally planned.....YIKES!!! We are NOT happy and the more we talk abt it the more we realize that we dont want to go with this company. (they later called and said I left my driver's license at the store, meanwhile I've been driving all over Orlando not knowing I don't have it).

The Insane One decides that he's tired and doesn't want to go out to eat. Its too late to cook so the rest of us go out to dinner. We dont get home until after 10pm.

Today I take my sisters out to look at the condo that one sister is seriously looking at. P.S., she buys it (and we have to wait while they process all the paperwork, stupid me has NO knitting! UGH - note to self, ALWAYS keep a project in the car!) and then we drive to the new location she is transfering to. We don't get home until 4pm, pick up the kids (the IO stays home yet AGAIN!) and we go back out to the movies. Saw Cars (it was REALLY good) and then hit Target for toys for the kids. It is now 9:30 and we stop for Chinese food. I am getting OLD because eating this late at night is NOT good for my stomach. It is now 10:43pm, I am wiped out but I need to get the kids down. They dont want to go to sleep because they have new toys to play with. Meanwhile the IO is IN BED. Let's just say that the only thing saving him is that he did the dishes.

I wanted to update this blog because I havent been on in a few days. I have NO knitting pictures to add since no knitting has been taking place. I'll have to leave you with a Samson picture instead. More project news once the sleep over company has left and I get my house back.

To sleep, perchance to dream........

OH OH OH!!! I *DO* have some knitting news! I won an eBay auction for some Lorna's Laces. I paid a total of $6.63 INCLUDING SHIPPING for the skein!!! I make ankle socks with different colored toes and heels so I'll have plenty for a pair of socks for ME!!!! Arent they pretty?????


Dee said…
Good score on the Lorna's Laces. I love working with that yarn. Hey...I have that color. LOL That's one of the colors I bought up in Leesburg.
Stitcherw said…
Wow, you're going to wear yourself out at this pace. I agree, you certainly do need some lazy time for yourself to knit or stitch. I think you need to take a lesson from Samson, he looks quite content and relaxed. :) The yarn is lovely, it will make some beautiful socks. I'll look forward to seeing a posting on how they are coming along.

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