Decisions, decisions.......

I've got nothing (that I want to do) on the needles so it's time to start something new. I've decided that I want to start another pair of socks that will be MINE! I bought this Berroco Europa on eBay and I cant wait to use it. Its been discontinued but I've heard some really good things about it.

I also just joined the yahoo group for CIC and they are having a KAL for socks for these kids. I have some left over Lambs Pride wool

from this felted bag that I'm going to use.

AND Number One Son really needs another quilt for his bed. The one he chooses to use is the bug quilt I made for him a couple of years ago.

Its too small for a bed quilt so it looks like I'm going to be pulling out the novelty and kid fabric as well. I've already gotten a bunch of squares cut out so now I just need to start putting it together.

Of course Baby Girl wants a quilt now too, but I told her she would have to wait until Number One Son's quilt was finished. We won't even get into the fabric I have for the outfits she wants me to make.......


Dee said…
Wow! You are going to be one busy lady!

The bug quilt is ADORABLE!
Stitcherw said…
The new yarn looks like it will make a lovely pair of socks. With the socks, the quilt, and your stitching, you're going to be one busy lady. The bug quilt was to cute, my DD would have loved something like that. Currently she is pestering me to start a Rainbow Bright pattern from a booklet I won on Ebay.

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