Down Time FINALLY!

Remember all those things I had listed yesterday that I had to do?? Well I ditched that TO DO list and instead after work I came home, pulled out my cross stitch, and stitched the afternoon away!! OMG was it wonderful!!! I had no energy to go anywhere or do anything other than sit on the couch and stitch. It was JUST what I needed! And I got some things done as well!!

The first question, what to stitch? I wasn't in the mood for Maggie since there are lots of color changes where I am right now and I didn't want to search for something to start so I went to the back of the closet and pulled out a couple of UFOs. The winner?? Bag Ladies!! This was another one of those that I started back in 2001 just before Baby Girl was born. I had a rotation going with a few big projects, but then a LOT of stuff happened over time (Baby Girl born, the Insane One being laid off from Sprint then his health started going bad, had to go back to work p/t, etc) and other projects that had to be worked on so they got pushed to the back of the closet. Maggie was one of them, Bag Ladies is another. I think I have a L&L Queen Ann's Lace back there as well but I've worked on her in the past 6 months so she doesn't count. I'll have to pull her out too.......
ANYWAY! Here is a picture of Bag Ladies before I started working on her. Ignore the wrinkles, she got a bit crushed.

Bag Ladies has more blocks of color so its perfect for me right now. Here is the after. I did part of the green bag next to the cat and then I did some more of the cat's neck.

I thought I did quite a bit until I compare pictures. BUT if you take into account how many times I had to get up to get juice or lunch or have kids sit next to (or ON) me, I did pretty good!!!

Later that night I pulled out my sock and got some more done on that as well.

Dee wanted to know specific yarn info so here we go.
The above sock is being worked with Berroco's Europa. Its more of a sport weight so I'm using size 3dpns and cast on 56 stitches. Plain K2P2 ribbing but I will probably continue the ribbing down the front of it. The pattern I'm using (more for cast on information than anything else) says to continue the ribbing thru the foot for the extra stretch. I also plan on adding wooly nylon to the heel and toe since the yarn is 75%wool and 25%cotton. I just started the heel (8 rows in) so I still have a bit to go on the sock.

The sweater I'm doing is using yarn from Elann, their Lara Endless Summer Collection, color #326, Claret. Its really nice yarn, but its a bit splitty so I have to pay attention when I go from stitch to stitch. But its knitting up nicely!! And to give you an idea how far into this sweater I am??? I'm almost done with the 1st skein of yarn, only 11 to go!!!

eBay report, got the Lorna's Laces in the mail yesterday, VERY nice (and once I learn how to link you back to past posts, it will include a picture)! I also just won a bid on line for about 6 skeins of Cascade Fixation and 3 skeins of white and pink wool. Socks for Baby Girl or CIC. Not sure yet. Baby Girl is just now showing an interest in the socks I made for her A YEAR AGO! OK so they are just now fitting her so that could be part of the attraction. Of course now that #1 Son saw that she had socks, guess what he wants too??? I'll pull out some bright yarn for him to choose from. The brighter the better for him!


Dee said…
Glad you got some time to stitch yesterday.

Now that DS will be employed I will have nice long stretches of stitching time in a nice peaceful house. (There IS something good about getting older!)

OEO Steve is about to head out grocery shopping and I'm going to settle in with some knitting!
pacalaga said…
If you notice, at the bottom of each post, the time-stamp is a link. You can use that as the "permalink" to your post, and insert it like you do other links. (I just figured that out yesterday.)

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