Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy season.

It always amazes me how many people flock to Florida. Yes we do have nice beaches and we have great weather in the winter, but we also have alligators and sharks and mosquitoes. And the hanging chad. And hurricanes. We are day 10 into the season and there is already a storm a'brewin'.

The grey line goes DIRECTLY over my house.

Honestly I'm not really worried. By the time it hits us it will most likely be Tropical Storm Alberto. A lot of wind and rain. I'm up high so I don't worry about flooding and with brush fires (did I mention 1/2 the state is under brush fire warnings?) popping up here and there (you could see the smoke of one while in the Disney parks) we could use a good soaking rain to dampen the soil a bit and fill up our water resources. I'll take 10 of these back to back than an Andrew or Katrina or Rita any day. And before any of you feel like I"m being flippant and not concerned about hurricanes, I've been thru enough of them (one of them being Andrew in 1992) that tropical storms don't make me worry.

What is the most upsetting about this whole thing is that I was supposed to meet up with some crafty friends of mine in an LNS to do some stitching and knitting and it looks like we'll have to cancel.

On the knitting front, I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on last night. I'm about to work on the heel of the sock which requires a bit more brain cells than available last night so that didn't happen. I didn't have the Ott light available so no Maggie. The sweater for me is involved so that wasn't going to work. What to do? I pulled out the poncho for Baby Girl and just started to knit. I wasn't in the mood for that either but kept at it. Nice mindless knitting......ahhhhhh. I got quite a bit done too.

Before I started.....

After I worked on it last night.......I got a lot more done on it than I realized. Gotta love mindless knitting and mindless TV!

And one more picture for good measure. Here is Baby Girl modeling the tank I made for her about a month ago. She's my fashionista and is a great size to knit for.


Dee said…
Wowzers ...BabyGirl is growing WAY too fast. Where is your BABY????

We DON'T cancel...LOL (Well, not unless it's REALLY bad.

Love your are doing a GREAT job!
stitcherw said…
The poncho will be beautiful, love the color. I'll keep my fingers crossed your stitching get together doesn't have to be canceled, they are so much fun.
StitcherW said…
All your pretty knitting got me to get some more yarn. I was at Michaels and they had two skeins in clearance for $1 each. They are the Lion Brand Homespun baby. It is a soft powder blue (pale blue varigated with white). I'm going to use the two skeins to knit (or maybe get brave and crochet) myself a scarf. Living in MI, it will certainly get used. BTW, I did name and webpage when did this, let me know if it lets you respond. :)

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