Heart Attack City!

The good news, we've had abt 12 hours of good soaking rain. My plants and my water bill greatly appreciate it. However the bad news (and the cause of the heart attack) is that apparently some in the animal kingdom thought our house was an ark and they decided to climb aboard! As I was closing the slider in my bedroom I noticed something behind the curtain and thought it was a lizard. ~BUZZ~ WRONG! It was a tree frog!! I quickly get the Insane One (that would be dh) to come capture it. He grabs it and IT JUMPS ON ME!!!!! O-M-G!!!! I scream and it jumps on the bed. The Insane One quickly grabs it and starts to laugh. Well needless to say he got hit with my knitting bag! We put it in this little cage like thing we have to put bugs and small creatures in but the IO pulls it out so I can get a picture of it. Its not the best or the clearest, but remember, I'm still recovering from my heart attack!

Once captured, he's kind of cute in a froggy sort of a way and was probably looking for his son who was visiting a couple of weeks ago.

I guess all these frogs have been coming around because, get ready to groan, I had to go to the frog pond on Sunday! These socks:

are now these:

And yes you count correctly. Those are FIVE little balls of yarn instead of 2 medium sized balls of yarn. That's how many times I had to cut out knots (and one hole) from that yarn. I started one skein for one sock and thought I got a bum skein but finished the sock. I wasnt thrilled with the fabric (too loose on #3s) so I decided to try 2s. That skein had a break in it so I ended up with loose threads in this one too. The sock was too tight (but my gauge was right on, I just didnt cast on enough stitches) and too short. I chalked it up as my experimental and learning pair. However I decided instead of letting them sit in my drawer, I would unravel it all and start fresh. Yes I should have just returned the yarn but I already had one sock done by that point and 1/2 way thru the other. Plus I like the color. This time around I will also add some wooly nylon to the heels and toes since it is 100% merino wool. They will still be my experimental pair, just in a different way now.

On other knitting news, I've turned the heel on the Magic Stripes sock and REALLY want them to be done by this wknd. I *think* I can do it. And Maggie is making progress as well. They both will be coming with me to Needle Orts tomorrow for show and tell. I'm SO glad Alberto didnt ruin that!! Here's hoping he's not causing too much damage to the folks on the west coast and in the big bend.


Dee said…
Froggy IS cute and IO has nice hands. LOL

I know ALL about frog pond. Sheesh...hope the second casting goes well. Dontcha just hate when your expensive skein of yarn is not completely one piece. That drives me insane!!!

See ya a little bit later.
stitcherw said…
I love the color of your socks, to bad they are causing you such problems. I can't imagine getting them that far done and then pulling it all out. You're a brave soul to start again. Glad to hear Maggie is still out and about. The little frog is adorable, however, an unexpected frog would be a bit much. :)

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