How Soon We Forget

Here is the sock for CIC.

This sock has given me more problems than any other sock I've done!! I'm thinking its the pattern, but not sure. Either case, I won't be using this pattern again. It's a good thing that I've knit socks before because that is the only reason why its still on the needles.

Also, I'm using the leftover yarn from my felted bag. I HATED knitting with it!! I think its the mohair in it since I can work with regular wool without any problems, but this stuff makes my eyes and throat itch BAD. Either way, I dont see a second sock happening with this yarn. Its going to be hard enough to finish this sock as it is. I'm on the gusset part so it wont take me very long to finish the sock. I *could* rip it out and just send the yarn, but I'm a bit stubborn and want to at least finish this one sock. I will send it along with the rest of this yarn and the purple I have as well and donate the sock and the yarn for more socks to be made by somebody who doesnt have a problem knitting with it. The colors are fantastic but the yarn (for me) is not.


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