I did this why??

Blogging isn't as easy as it looks. I really like the idea of writing down what's going on in life and sharing my love of fiberly crafts with others who enjoy it, too. But trying to make my blog look good is extremely confusing to me. How do I add the links on the side? Those cute KAL buttons? Or linking to my other blogs? I emailed the blogger people to see if there was a blogging for dummies somewhere. You know, those who aren't real computer savvy, who don't understand programming, who just want to point and click.

But alas, I digress too much. What is being worked on here? Some socks for a friend. I got her foot measurements and everything and worked the sock according to the directions. They look great. Wait. They look......BIG! So I try them on. Perfect! This is bad because my foot is 2 sizes bigger than hers! They will still fit but not snuggly like I'd like. I will add a pic of the finished sock tomorrow along with the progress of its mate.

Also being worked on is a cross stitch project, Maggie the Messmaker. Its a really cute stitch by Charles Wysocki. She's been sitting in my closet since Sept of last year and the only reason she's out is because a stitching buddy of mine keeps asking how Maggie is doing. I brought it out just so I'd have something to tell her and I'm glad I did! I've been working on her almost every day for the past week! I'll post a pic of where she's at now and then one every month while I work on her. Cross stitch moves slower (esp for me!) so the monthly pics will have more impact that way.

And just so you don't walk away without any pics to look at, here are some socks that I finished not that long ago. They were made with Cascade Fixation yarn on size 3 dpns. I wasn't sure how I would like knitting with this yarn but it wasn't as bad as I thought and it makes a GREAT fitting sock!!! Lets hope it fits those 2 sizes too small. Yep she's getting those too. What is it about the cobbler and no knitted socks???


Jane said…
Congrats on your new blog! It looks great, and so do those socks.
KnitPastis said…
These are a very cool color in Cascade Fixations yarn!! Good job!!

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