Shake Your Grove Thing

How much fun did I have tonight!!! An internet friend of mine was visiting from TX and her and her friend and I met up at Rainforest Cafe for a girls night out. We had Lightning Lemonades in glasses that lit up and sparkled (got to keep the glass too!) and pretty much closed the place down (it was only 10:30 though, its the Cafe by Animal Kingdom and they close early).

Pam, me and Tiffany

I get to the car, call the Insane One to make sure everybody is ok and that I'm on my way home. Start driving on the 429, crank up the radio for the Saturday night dance party music and Sammy Haggar is telling me that he can't drive 55. Suddenly I'm transported back to the 80s, driving my '84 Honda Prelude and cruising the highway with my friends and my lead foot.

I know, Sammy! I can't drive 55 either! Then Rick Springfield started telling me he's having an Affair of the Heart while Gloria Gainer will survive. Yep it was Sammy, Rick, Gloria and I just jamming to the tunes on the radio. There were no bills to pay, house to care for, family to take care of, just me and the gang hanging out on a Saturday night. Of course reality hit when I pulled in the driveway of the mortgaged house, with the IO and children asleep in bed. But that's ok. Being grown up is good. I want the house and the children and the IO. But its nice to know that those old friends aren't that far away.

More project updates tomorrow. I finished the socks last night, washed them today and will mail them out on Monday. Will post a picture of them soon.


Dee said…
Glad you had a good time out!

Hey ...we got home around the same time. Sammy Hagar was lamenting 55 just about the time we pulled in our neighborhood!

Our time wasn't quite so rip-roaring though ....we went to dinner and then mini-golfing with Hollie and Dick. LOL

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