Tales from the Sun

Ok so maybe it wasnt *that* bad but it was HOT today!!! You'd think living in Florida my entire life (less 5 years living on Long Island) would make me used to the heat. NOPE! And we havent even hit the peak of summer yet! This is why I knit socks!

Speaking of socks, I'm still plugging away on the magic stripes pair.

Not the way I wanted to post this picture, but you get the idea. And since I'm a total dork with the workings of this blog, you'll have to bear with me.

I've also been pulling out Maggie the past few nights as well. I'm beginning to feel my desire to work on this project beginning to wane, I'm getting into areas that have alot of color changes and Im not getting the mindless stitching time that I crave.

Here is a pic of Maggie when I first pulled her out last week. I havent touched her since Sept and boy was she happy to see me!!

See how content she is??? She purrs everytime I work on her.

Now I will go back to ignoring the huge stack of paperwork staring me in the face and I think I'll do some eBay shopping....there are some Cherry Hill yarns that are going CHEAP!


KnitPastis said…
Your are so good at cross stitching, it's beautiful! Sock is looking good and coming along. Your almost done.
Dee said…
You blog is coming along great!

Are you bringing Maggie or Socks on Tuesday?
StitcherW said…
You're doing great on your blog, and on the socks and Maggie. It was fun seeing your posting. Makes me want to pull my sock out and try to finish, or to get Tired Kitty out of the UFO pile.

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