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Saturday Sky

First things first, let's take a look at the sky!!

Its a bit hazy and HOT, but not as hot as some of you are experiencing. However our humidity is bad so even though its only 84 at 10:30am, it *feels* like 92. The high is supposed to be 94 so who knows what it will feel like later........

We have had some knitting going on. Here is a finished Europa sock. That little ball next to it is all I had left from the skein. Good think I only used a 4" cuff! I would have cast on for the 2nd one but I can't find my pattern to tell me how many I cast on. Ugh.

So I worked on my dishcloth. It has an actual pattern instead of my mindless stockinette stitch or ribbing I usually do which means it slows me down. That's ok, I'm really liking it and not sure if I can see myself using it to clean dishes. Its so pretty and soft!

We also have renovating continuing. The Insane One finished laying the floor in the livingroom so for technical purposes, the living room is done. N…

But wait, there's more!

I like knitting with metal. I like the slickness of them. The way the yarn moves over the needles quickly. I will use plastic when I need to. I own a set of Denise needles that I use occasionally (when I don't already have metal circulars in the size I need) and I inherited a few plastic ones from my mom and my aunt. My sister hated the way the metal ones clicked so she made them buy plastic ones. I've tried bamboo but they move too slowly for me. So I knit with metal. The dpn that I lost on the trip was a metal Boye. The replacement needles I bought were Inox. They are metal (aluminum) so I figured I'd be good to go. I was NOT happy with them! My yarn felt like it was sticking to the needles. So on our way home I stopped at a Michael's to get another pair of metal dpns (these were Susan Bates). BTW this Michael's was in Northern Virginia and carried less yarn than my Michael's in Central Florida! I found this very odd......Anyway now that I had my cheapo needl…

Be it ever so humble.........

After 12 days and almost 3000 miles later, we are back. We had a great time but BOY AM I EXHAUSTED!!! Our house is still a mess (since no little worker elves came and finished the painting and wood floors) but it's my mess along with my schedule. It's great to be home in my own bed. The cats are thrilled as well. They haven't left one of us since we got home yesterday. In fact Samson was anticipating our trip and tried to pack himself.

I was hoping to update this blog while on the trip but that never happened. My in-laws have high speed internet access but I never really had time to sit and type. No computer access for 12 days! YIKES! I could never give up my computer at home for 12 days, but when on vacation, I can do it. I have SO many thoughts and ideas of our vacation, but I know that it will all spill out as I type thruout the week.

The main reason for the trip was the family reunion. Here we are in all our glory.

This is the Insane One's parents, siblings, their spo…

Summer Vacation

Well our summer trip up north is FAST approaching. We leave Thursday and will be gone for a couple of weeks. I will *try* to post during that time, but I have NO idea what computer access I will have. I may be dealing with (gasp) DIAL UP!!!!! I may have to post when we are staying in hotels along the way.

Regardless I'm hoping this will be a fun trip with lots of knitting time while on the road. I'm also bringing my ever growing stack of magazines to catch up with at night and also some afternoons. The first half of the trip will be VERY busy visiting family and friends, but the 2nd half should just be hanging out at my in-laws with some other cousins for the kids to play with.

Meanwhile there has been knitting......

Lambs Pride worsted wool on size 4dpns. I finished it last night. I had some of the yarn left over so what did I do? I started a hat with the purple and added in pink for a stripe! Considering I dont care for this yarn, I sure am using it up!!! And I must be get…

Everything but knitting

I did something yesterday that I never did before. Here is a clue.......

I ate corn from the garden! The IO made a 4x8 raised garden bed in the backyard and planted some strawberries (of which we've had 3), yellow pepper (never matured), tomatoes (never even grew fruit), yellow squash (had aLOT of squash but the squirrels got to them before we did), and corn. So when he said they were ready to pick I had my doubts. This one was picked too early

But these came out great!!!

I've NEVER eaten such fresh corn in my life. From plant to belly in 15 min!! They were a big hit and we can't wait until more mature enough to eat.

Renovation update, the majority of the painting is done and the floor is going in. It is going FAST!

The IO figures he'll be done with the floor by tomorrow and we'll have the furniture back in place. This will be NICE! I'm tired of having the house so torn up. The only room that isnt messed up is #1 Son's room and that's because I cleaned it ye…

Saturday Sky

I almost forgot!!!! Here is my Saturday sky abt 10 min ago.

While I was out there, this is also what I saw.

Never mind I have fresh water in TWO different places in the house and one outside!!

BTW the house smells like brownies. I hope they make the party........

Tragedy Averted

I was not a happy camper last night. The visions of cream walls with cranberry accents were turning into yellow walls with red accents. I don't enjoy decorating as much as my friends do, but I do have an idea of what I like. It was VERY disheartening when the visions in my head were NOT translating to the walls......The cream still looked cream on my swatch and a small tester, but once on the walls, it was yellow. However I was willing to live with it since we needed a bold color to handle the cranberry......Well it was not to be. I was ready to paint everything white again while the Insane One was trying to take pictures of the walls and download them into a program to see what we could use. I just painted my house a yellow cream and didnt necessarily want the same inside. However *lightbulb* the door outside is painted a burgundy. As I'm telling this to the IO, he looks as me amazed. He was going to suggest the same thing!!
We go get the left over paint from the door and a…

Do as I do, not as I say

I *said* I would finish the CIC sock on our drive to NY.

What I ended up doing last night......

I also *said* I don't like this yarn and would send on the 2nd sock as yarn to be knitted up. I still don't like the yarn but......

Apparently I'm not to be trusted.....

We had liftoff!!

Surprisingly enough, the shuttle took off on July 4th!! Between the weather and the cracked tile, I didnt think it would be a go, but it was!! What I saw outside my front yard.....

Ok for those of you who are saying, "HUH?!?!? That's IT?" keep in mind I am 60 miles west of the Cape so I'm happy that I get to see anything at all!! A rocket is scheduled to launch at the end of July and I'm hoping to get out there then. Not as crowded, but still all the coolness of a launch.

Update on renovations.........the living room is free of carpet and tile,

primed and spackled,

Even in home improvement, fashion is important!

And ceiling painted.

We also had a pressure washer that had to be returned today so the driveway, sidewalk and back porch were cleaned really well. Painting will commence tomorrow. In the meantime we are all high from the aerosol spackle.........

With all the work being done around the house, not as much knitting or stitching has been happening, BUT I did bring …

Saturday Sky

With a shout out to Sandy, here is my Saturday sky over Orlando. Beautiful huh? And yet it wasn't clear enough to let the space shuttle go off into space. I SO wanted to show a pic of the shuttle going up into space today in my Saturday Sky, but alas, it didn't happen. I'm not THAT close to Kennedy Space Center, but I *am* close enough to see the shuttle once its in the air. They postponed it until tomorrow but the weather looks worse for tomorrow than today. Why they plan a shuttle launch in the middle of Florida's summer afternoons is beyond me.

Since we are no longer glued to the TV, let the renovations begin!!! We are painting and replacing the floors in our house. We've been here for almost 9 years and 4 cats, 2 kids and oodles of clumsy company later, it's time to lose the carpet. I CANNOT believe all the stains on the backing!!!


Makes we REALLY nervous about the family room......BUT that is why we are laying wood laminate that is waranteed for 30 yea…