Be it ever so humble.........

After 12 days and almost 3000 miles later, we are back. We had a great time but BOY AM I EXHAUSTED!!! Our house is still a mess (since no little worker elves came and finished the painting and wood floors) but it's my mess along with my schedule. It's great to be home in my own bed. The cats are thrilled as well. They haven't left one of us since we got home yesterday. In fact Samson was anticipating our trip and tried to pack himself.

I was hoping to update this blog while on the trip but that never happened. My in-laws have high speed internet access but I never really had time to sit and type. No computer access for 12 days! YIKES! I could never give up my computer at home for 12 days, but when on vacation, I can do it. I have SO many thoughts and ideas of our vacation, but I know that it will all spill out as I type thruout the week.

The main reason for the trip was the family reunion. Here we are in all our glory.

This is the Insane One's parents, siblings, their spouses and kids. Lots of people huh? And other than 2 people, we ALL stayed in the same house. We were in bedrooms, the living room, the dining room and the basement. Oh and the garage. We decided that next time we have a family reunion, we will rent a house in NC that can hold us all much more comfortably. I had a bedroom WITH a/c so I was fine!!

As far as knitting, not much happened on this trip. I did finish up one side of Baby Girl's poncho, but I lost a needle on day one from my sock so that was put on the back burner. One of the days that the IO and I got a chance to get out on our own, we walked thru downtown Southampton and went into a store called Hildreth's. I was looking at the housewares when the IO told me there was a section of yarn and fabric. Oh REALLY!!! Nice selection of yarn but nothing spoke to me so only got some more dpns. I really wanted to go to the yarn shop out in East Hampton but everytime I tried to get out there it was either really stormy or the traffic was horrendous!! (It amazes me how many people come out to the Hamptons in the summer. Its nice but it's getting no different than the traffic in the City) I'll have to get out there the next time we're up. I *did* go to a LYS in Jacksonville on the drive home. A Stitch In Time has both yarn and cross stitch so I knew it would be worth stopping. And it was! I got some solid Regia yarn since all I have is mostly colorful sock yarn. AND I also got their Regia Bamboo sock yarn. I loved the colorway so figured I'd try some out. It has 45% bamboo 40%superwash wool and 15% polyamid and its machine washable. Sounds good to me!! Plus the Fall KnitSimple mag and a little book called My Little Knitting Book. Its tiny and can fit into a pocket in my purse which will work very nicely. Its got sock sizes and yarn references of how much to buy for sweaters, etc for adults and also kids. Plus an area to mark off what needles I already have. Like I said, VERY handy!

Its back to reality, but honestly, I don't mind. It may be a hectic crazy life, but it's MY hectic and crazy life. Plus its still slower than this past vacation!

I'm SO happy you are home! Now leave me alone!!


Dee said…
Welcome home, Lynn. I missed reading your blog!!! :-)

That's some mighty nice stash. I may have to convince Steve we need to take a road trip ....cross stitch AND knitting you say??? Did you buy any cross stitch?
Jane said…
Looks like you had a very full and fun trip. I'm intrigued by the little knitting book you mentioned, as well as the Regia bamboo sock yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing how the socks turn out.

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