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I like knitting with metal. I like the slickness of them. The way the yarn moves over the needles quickly. I will use plastic when I need to. I own a set of Denise needles that I use occasionally (when I don't already have metal circulars in the size I need) and I inherited a few plastic ones from my mom and my aunt. My sister hated the way the metal ones clicked so she made them buy plastic ones. I've tried bamboo but they move too slowly for me. So I knit with metal. The dpn that I lost on the trip was a metal Boye. The replacement needles I bought were Inox. They are metal (aluminum) so I figured I'd be good to go. I was NOT happy with them! My yarn felt like it was sticking to the needles. So on our way home I stopped at a Michael's to get another pair of metal dpns (these were Susan Bates). BTW this Michael's was in Northern Virginia and carried less yarn than my Michael's in Central Florida! I found this very odd......Anyway now that I had my cheapo needles, I was a happy camper!!

Why do I bring all this up? Because when we got home I found a 40% off coupon for Michael's and figured I'd go and get another pair of needles. WRONG!! Mistake #1: never bring the kids with you when you go into a craft store. I ended up using my coupon on a Spin Art paint set for the kids and instead got this.......

The yarn was on sale for $1 each and since I've been wanting to make some dishcloths ever since Dee made one awhile ago, I figure I wont be out alot of money if this doesnt work out. However I need another project like I need a hole in my head!! I am SO close to finishing one of the Europa socks that I'm working on and if I just sat down for a bit, I'd get it done. Plus I want to start the other side of Baby Girl's poncho. AND I want to start something that I can wear in the winter time. So what do I do??? I cast on for a dishcloth.......Meanwhile I still havent unpacked from our trip. Oh well, *that* can wait for the weekend! After all, I have my priorities.


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