Everything but knitting

I did something yesterday that I never did before. Here is a clue.......

I ate corn from the garden! The IO made a 4x8 raised garden bed in the backyard and planted some strawberries (of which we've had 3), yellow pepper (never matured), tomatoes (never even grew fruit), yellow squash (had aLOT of squash but the squirrels got to them before we did), and corn. So when he said they were ready to pick I had my doubts. This one was picked too early

But these came out great!!!

I've NEVER eaten such fresh corn in my life. From plant to belly in 15 min!! They were a big hit and we can't wait until more mature enough to eat.

Renovation update, the majority of the painting is done and the floor is going in. It is going FAST!

The IO figures he'll be done with the floor by tomorrow and we'll have the furniture back in place. This will be NICE! I'm tired of having the house so torn up. The only room that isnt messed up is #1 Son's room and that's because I cleaned it yesterday!!! We are far from done, need to do the finishing touches with window coverings and adding new baseboards and that's just this room! We still have the dining room, family room, kitchen, hallway and office to do!!!! Yikes! I'm suddenly very tired...... I need chocolate!!!

Did somebody say chocolate?? Yes I have chocolate!! Its not fancy but this was the offerings to choose from....

It was prettier before my huge plate of brownies got throw in the mix. We had candles and soft music and chocolate and kaluah and coffee and in a couple of hours you had 6 very relaxed women!


zingtrial said…
hope all goes well :),
would like to pop back and see how it's going
wish you all the best
Dee said…
YUM! Fresh corn on the cob. When OEO Steve gets his braces off that's the first thing we are headed for --- some fresh corn!
Dorothy said…
I found corn so hard to grow I gave up. Any that came close to ready, the racoons got. your kids look so happy with their ears!
jen said…
Your kids are too cute - and they look so happy with their corn. The brownies look delicious and totally deserved after all your hard work. It's going to be beautiful - but yikes! Just stick to the chocoalte and khalua and you should be okay :)
KnitPastis said…
Fresh corn on the cob is the only way I will eat it. It's the best isn't it?! Floor looks nice and I giggled when I read Khalua I bet you girls were relaxed.LOL

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