Saturday Sky

With a shout out to Sandy, here is my Saturday sky over Orlando. Beautiful huh? And yet it wasn't clear enough to let the space shuttle go off into space. I SO wanted to show a pic of the shuttle going up into space today in my Saturday Sky, but alas, it didn't happen. I'm not THAT close to Kennedy Space Center, but I *am* close enough to see the shuttle once its in the air. They postponed it until tomorrow but the weather looks worse for tomorrow than today. Why they plan a shuttle launch in the middle of Florida's summer afternoons is beyond me.

Since we are no longer glued to the TV, let the renovations begin!!! We are painting and replacing the floors in our house. We've been here for almost 9 years and 4 cats, 2 kids and oodles of clumsy company later, it's time to lose the carpet. I CANNOT believe all the stains on the backing!!!


Makes we REALLY nervous about the family room......BUT that is why we are laying wood laminate that is waranteed for 30 years.

Oh and look what I got in yesterday's mail???? My Cascade yarn!! WOOHOO! I'm gonna be making me some Fixation socks!!! I'll need to make some for the kidlets as well, but that's why there is pink and blue in the mix.

Well my self imposed break is over so I should go back to help with the demolition. This is when having kids is GREAT!! They can destroy faster than a demolition team of 10 men!!!!


Dorothy said…
Good luck on the renos. Kids can wreck things in a hurry can't they?!
jen said…
Good luck with the reno! Glad your kids are able to "help" out :) Your sunny skies are very cheery - and if I squint I can imagine I see the space shuttle.....
Susan said…
How funny is that -- I was talking to my mom on Saturday. She and my dad are visiting my brother in Orlando and they were hoping to catch a glimpse of the space shuttle. All I could think about was what a great Saturday Sky photo that would make.
Paula said…
Good luck on the renovations and the Fixation socks. thanks for looking at my blog
Ranger Susie said…
A loverly sky. My cousins and grandparents lived in New Smyrna Beach and they were always able to see the shuttle go up right from their yards.

Good luck with the renovation!
Charity said…
What a big job renos can be! Love the Cascade Fixation.
KnitPastis said…
My husband is glued to the tv everytime they get ready to launch the shuttle! Love wood laminate flooring and of course your Cascade Fixation yarn!!

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