Saturday Sky

I almost forgot!!!! Here is my Saturday sky abt 10 min ago.

While I was out there, this is also what I saw.

Never mind I have fresh water in TWO different places in the house and one outside!!

BTW the house smells like brownies. I hope they make the party........


janna said…
Ha! Why is it that pets always want water from someplace they shouldn't? I'm obsessive about keeping my toilet lids down to prevent teh cats from drinking out of them -- well, drinking and falling in!!
jen said…
Beautiful sky pic - and the cat is adorable. They really do only want to drink from places that aren't meant for them! We used to have a cat who repeatedly got his head stuck in the fish bowl. I'm pretty sure he wanted more than a drink - but he was too fat to get in that far. The fish just swam merrily about waiting for this fuzzy head to be removed.

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