Saturday Sky

First things first, let's take a look at the sky!!

Its a bit hazy and HOT, but not as hot as some of you are experiencing. However our humidity is bad so even though its only 84 at 10:30am, it *feels* like 92. The high is supposed to be 94 so who knows what it will feel like later........

We have had some knitting going on. Here is a finished Europa sock. That little ball next to it is all I had left from the skein. Good think I only used a 4" cuff! I would have cast on for the 2nd one but I can't find my pattern to tell me how many I cast on. Ugh.

So I worked on my dishcloth. It has an actual pattern instead of my mindless stockinette stitch or ribbing I usually do which means it slows me down. That's ok, I'm really liking it and not sure if I can see myself using it to clean dishes. Its so pretty and soft!

We also have renovating continuing. The Insane One finished laying the floor in the livingroom so for technical purposes, the living room is done. Now we need to move everything from the dining room and family room into the living room to continue. However its trashed since its where he's been doing most of his cutting.

Is there any wonder why we are all coughing?!?!?!

The IO is cleaning up as I type. I still have to unpack, do laundry and oh yeah, go school shopping to take advantage of the tax free week. Printed out my supply list and will go shopping soon before the sidewalk fries us all!!


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