Summer Vacation

Well our summer trip up north is FAST approaching. We leave Thursday and will be gone for a couple of weeks. I will *try* to post during that time, but I have NO idea what computer access I will have. I may be dealing with (gasp) DIAL UP!!!!! I may have to post when we are staying in hotels along the way.

Regardless I'm hoping this will be a fun trip with lots of knitting time while on the road. I'm also bringing my ever growing stack of magazines to catch up with at night and also some afternoons. The first half of the trip will be VERY busy visiting family and friends, but the 2nd half should just be hanging out at my in-laws with some other cousins for the kids to play with.

Meanwhile there has been knitting......

Lambs Pride worsted wool on size 4dpns. I finished it last night. I had some of the yarn left over so what did I do? I started a hat with the purple and added in pink for a stripe! Considering I dont care for this yarn, I sure am using it up!!! And I must be getting used to it because the hat doesnt seem to be bothering me.

I'm hoping to post one more time (with a finished hat) before we leave. Let's hope it happens........


stitcherw said…
Have a wonderful time on your trip. Your renovations are looking great, and looking at all the chocolate gave me the munchies. :)
I did get the two cards I made posted (finally). Now if I could just finish my sock, LOL.

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