Tragedy Averted

I was not a happy camper last night. The visions of cream walls with cranberry accents were turning into yellow walls with red accents. I don't enjoy decorating as much as my friends do, but I do have an idea of what I like. It was VERY disheartening when the visions in my head were NOT translating to the walls......The cream still looked cream on my swatch and a small tester, but once on the walls, it was yellow. However I was willing to live with it since we needed a bold color to handle the cranberry......Well it was not to be. I was ready to paint everything white again while the Insane One was trying to take pictures of the walls and download them into a program to see what we could use. I just painted my house a yellow cream and didnt necessarily want the same inside. However *lightbulb* the door outside is painted a burgundy. As I'm telling this to the IO, he looks as me amazed. He was going to suggest the same thing!!
We go get the left over paint from the door and add it to the accent areas. Voila! We have a winner!! And I went to bed happy.
Here is what was accomplished today.......

I have more pictures but will wait until the living room is complete. I'm just very happy that it's worked out as well as it has. It has a bit of a tuscan feel now. Works for me!!

Sock news, I was so wiped out from the whole painting fiasco, I didnt get much done. However since it is a kid sock, I only have an inch more to do before I start the toe decreases. I'm hoping to be done with it by tomorrow night and mail them out on Monday.

Preparations for travelling next week? NONE! Well not completely none, I did clean out #1 Son's closet. I got rid of alot of clothes that dont fit anymore, poor kid's closet is REALLY lean now. Guess I'll have to hit the mall, but not tonight! Tonight I go to an All Girl Chocolate Party! No male strippers or anything like that, just us girls getting together and enjoying food from the Gods. CHOCOLATE! I will take some pictures of the luscious treats (my brownies are in the oven as I type) and post pictures tomorrow. Won't bring any stitching of any kind; don't want to get chocolate on it!!


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