We had liftoff!!

Surprisingly enough, the shuttle took off on July 4th!! Between the weather and the cracked tile, I didnt think it would be a go, but it was!! What I saw outside my front yard.....

Ok for those of you who are saying, "HUH?!?!? That's IT?" keep in mind I am 60 miles west of the Cape so I'm happy that I get to see anything at all!! A rocket is scheduled to launch at the end of July and I'm hoping to get out there then. Not as crowded, but still all the coolness of a launch.

Update on renovations.........the living room is free of carpet and tile,

primed and spackled,

Even in home improvement, fashion is important!

And ceiling painted.

We also had a pressure washer that had to be returned today so the driveway, sidewalk and back porch were cleaned really well. Painting will commence tomorrow. In the meantime we are all high from the aerosol spackle.........

With all the work being done around the house, not as much knitting or stitching has been happening, BUT I did bring out Bag Ladies and did some more work on the main cat. Not enough to show progress though. I should work on my socks, but ever since I got the cascade yarn in the mail I havent wanted to work with the thicker Europa socks. If I start the cascade socks, the Europa ones will languish and I don't want that either. So I stitch instead! We are driving to NY in less than 2 weeks so I'll be bringing the CIC socks and Europa socks with me. I hope to have them all done by the time we come home.


Dee said…
Put those kids to work ...that's what I say. LOL Looks like they were having fun. Isn't it a shame we don't enjoy the work near as much as they do?

Have a safe trip!
janna said…
I see it!! Exciting! And I really admire you replacing carpet and painting EVERYTHING (even the ceiling!) at once.
Jane said…
Good to see the work going so well! Hey, the spousal unit is going to Orlando for a meeting in October. I'm planning to come along!!

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