Frog Pond

I had to mention the frog pond. Just because I have one outside my house doesnt mean that I need to visit it!!! I was working on my sock while watching the Weather Channel and I was turning my heel. All was going well until I had to pick up stitches. Wait. What's wrong?? I have no space to pick up stitches! Apparently I turned the heel BEFORE I made the heel flap!!! BLECH. I'm now on row 3 of my heel flap.

And why am I watching the Weather Channel?

Ernesto is probably going to just be a big rain maker for us here. We are under a tropical storm watch for my county. He's barely a tropical storm now but once he goes over water between us and Cuba, he could get stronger. Let's hope he's strong enough to keep me home from work but not so strong to do major damage.

See, you get a little bit of everything on this blog. Why? Because there truly is never a dull moment......


Deborah said…
I was in Florida for Charlie and it wasn't any fun. How do you locals deal with this much water?? I guess it's the same as all of the &#@$ snow we get sometimes. Come to think of it, if I had a choice, I'd choose water because the day after Charlie - the weather was gorgeous! The day after a noreaster - sucks real bad.
Good luck!

Bummer about the sock! (Is it the Ernesto Sock?) :o)
Stacy said…
Oof. Would you believe I hadn't heard about Ernesto yet? Several of those tracks come right by my little town.

Hrmmm. That says something about my ratio of blog reading to news reading, doesn't it? ;) Guess I'd better go check out the Weather Channel's site.
Diane said…
I've made the same sock mistake while watching tv. LOL. Hope Ernesto is just a rain maker for you. I have a friend in New Smyrna Beach and she's watching this one closely.
stitcherw said…
Hope you don't have any more problems with your sock. I keep saying one day I'll dig mine back out, but something else always seems to call to me to be worked on. Good luck with Ernesto, hopefully it doesn't cause any damage.
Lisa said…
Hey, thanks for checking out my blog (as uninteresting as it is right now)! Since you're in Orlando you should check out one of my concerts with the OPO - there's a schedule on their website. Just google Orlando Philharmonic. Yeah, I'm not sure I'll be knitting much else other than socks and dishcloths and such now that I'm heading down south, but I like socks and dishcloths, so I think I'll be okay!

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