It's in the genes.

When my grandmother died last year, I became the keeper of A LOT! I got the stuff nobody wanted. I'm the one that got the cookbooks, the carved wooden spoons, the stamp collection and the pictures. Well most of them anyway. It was getting to the point where I *suggested* others take some of the pictures. I'm really glad I got the majority of it all since I'm the one that will make sure it will get passed down to the next generation. Crocheted hankerchiefs from my great grandmother's sister (my great great aunt?) that nobody else wanted because who uses hankerchiefs anymore?? Well give it here! I dont use them but I LOVE the workmanship that was put into it. And the pillowcases. And the cross stitched table cloths with the crocheted border. Great stuff!! The only problem is finding the room to store it properly.

Anyway while going thru the pictures I found one of my mom and her two sisters knitting. I pulled it out of the pile and it sits on my dresser. She is the one who taught me to knit and I think its SO cool that I have a picture of her knitting when she was 13. She's the one sitting on the chaise lounge on the left with her 5 y/o sister holding the ball of yarn and her other 11 y/o sister holding up her knitting.

My mom died young and her sisters no longer knit. The only one that still knit was her aunt (her mom's sister) and she also passed away. So I'm it, for now. I'm teaching #1 Son, and Baby Girl is DIEING to learn but she just doesnt have the coordination yet. As long as they show the interest, I will teach. They also like to help when I cross stitch. I put the needle in the hole and they pull it thru.

Speaking of cross stitch, my needle was smokin' last night! I pulled out Too Pooped, a cat sleeping on the limb of a tree with birds nearby. Too cute. I'm stitching it on a dyed piece of linen to make it look like the sky, much nicer than a plain beige background. I worked his face last night, so now I can talk to him and hear him purr!! I will post a picture once I rotate him out and pull something else out.

On the knitting front, *sigh*, not much is happening. I just NEED to cast on for that sock!! Once it's started, then I'll have no problem working on it. It amazes me how so many people can start a ton of projects and yet this is the hardest part for me. I enjoy the process of the project (be it quilting, stitching or knitting), but the starting not so much. I know, weird. I also want to start a pair of fingerless mitts for CIC. This month we are shipping out projects for the caregivers. I probably wont work on a vest or shawl since I'm not the fastest knitter, but mitts and socks are a quick knit and I'll be able to make a pair for this month.

Last but not least, I actually have some quilting news. A friend of mine sent me some fabric squares to make Baby Girl a quilt. She previously sent me some for #1 Son that he loved. Aren't they pretty???

Thanks, Hale! Now I just need to find the time to start both quilts....


Hsien Lei said…
Hiya! I popped by here via Google Blogsearch. Just had to leave a comment to say that I still use handkerchiefs but just for sweaty brows during summer. :) I'm a stitcher too and dabble in crochet. Yay for teaching your kids to love needlework.
Dee said…
I think you look like your Mama!

Try a knitting noddy with BabyGirl. She may be able to knit using that. Or use one of those circular things with the posts. You can do straight knitting on them too. You don't have to go round and round.
Stacy said…
How cool to have that photo of your mom and her sisters! Thanks for sharing that story.
jen said…
Beautiful story! I love that picture of your mum and her knitting sibs. It's great that you are the keeper of A LOT - all of that stuff means SO much :) Happy quilting, cross-stitching and knitting. My you are busy!
Amy said…
That is an awesome photo! Make sure you take one of yourself to pass down some day. What a great story.

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