Kissimmee Sky

We went away this wknd to Kissimmee for a convention so I took my Saturday sky there. Saturday morning looked promising...

but this is what the afternoon brought...

We had a beautiful light show while eating dinner that night.

Of course while in Kissimmee, a trip isnt complete without a trip to Disney. We stayed at All Star Music to add a bit more fun for the kids. As you can see, they enjoyed it!

Even while being eaten by a shark!!

No knitting or stitching took place even though LOTS were brought (I have SUCH high hopes). However I did lock myself in the bathroom to read Crewel Yule I need to send it back to the library tomorrow (I do books by mail, LOVE it!) and then I NEED to finish my sock for Sock-A-Month 2 by Thursday if I want the letter A next to my name. And I don't mean the scarlet one!!

And on a froggy update (I SWEAR I've gotten more comments on these critters than on anything else!) while we were gone for ONLY 3 days, our pool has turned into a green pond equiped with its own pond scum and (you guessed it) tadpoles! I tried taking pictures of these little swimmers, but I only get this green glob of a mess in my camera. I hope that the Insane One cleans out the pool before they get much bigger to photograph!! If not, I promise to post!


Stacy said…
That afternoon sky photo is awesome. I haven't seen clouds like that in a long time!
Anonymous said…
Love love love the kids in the shark :)
Anonymous said…
That was me, Susie, lovin' the kids- sorry!

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