Saturday Sky

A day late in posting but here is my Saturday sky. I'm sitting on the couch hearing rumbling and quickly remembered to pull out the camera before the sky got too grey. Here is what I saw

Just off to the left was this.....

The sky got a bit greyer and a few more rumblings, but then it all just disappeared and we went back to regular skies again. Typical afternoon weather. Sometimes we get the rain, sometimes we don't.

Still not much happening. I'm still fighting the last bits of this cough. I *know* I'm winning but its taking its toll on my stomach muscles. I'm now doing what the drs made the IO do when he was recovering from pneumonia so I'm hoping it will get rid of the entire thing.

Speaking of the IO, he feels so bad that I've been so sick, he bought me these.......

A total of a dozen multi-colored roses. Baby Girl LOVES them, except for the white ones, they are boring. I told her roses are NEVER boring and that I was very happy that the IO got them.

In the midst of doing nothing yesterday (between the coughing and the yawning and the headache), I *did* manage to finish this

Somehow, the past part of the pattern repeat I messed up so the bottom repeats are for the right side and the last repeat is for the wrong side!! Well now I wont feel so bad using it on dirty dishes......This is what happens when you knit high on tons of cold meds....

Once that was cast off the needles, I realized I had nothing else ON the needles!! I never did cast on for sock #2 and I also need to cast on for the 2nd part of Baby Girl's poncho. Today will either be casting on for the above two or I may pull out some cross stitch. I've been itching to do some of that as well.


Dee said…
Your washcloth turned out great! You'll be so proud seeing it hanging on the sink!

IO did very good on the roses. Whites were my favorite when we had a rose garden. Mmmmm,they smelled so good.

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