Saturday Sky

I can't believe its Saturday already! The weeks are going by very quickly and I'm not sure what to do to slow them down. Then again I don't think there is anything I CAN do to slow them down. Even though last night I had a nice little flashback. Number One Son wanted to watch some tv with me after Baby Girl fell asleep so he sat with me watching You've Got Mail. However since he's had 2 full days of school, he was asleep in abt 10 min. He curled up into my arms the same way he did when he was little. It reminded me SO much of when he used to nurse to sleep. The Insane One came out and offered to carry him to bed but I told him to wait. Wanted to savor that moment for as long as possible. They come few and far between and I know it will just get less and less as he gets older. Thankfully he's a very affectionate kid, coming up many times for hugs, so I still have that. For now.

Here's to another Saturday Sky.

Beautiful clouds but OH SO HOT!!! It's 1:30 in the afternoon, 93 degrees but a heat index of 98. No wonder I always feel like I'm melting. The heat isnt exactly helping with the desire to continue working on the house. This is the downside of doing the work yourself. Cheaper but OH so much longer to get done.

Even the cats dont want to do much.

I will look cute but don't expect me to move.

I refuse to even look at you. I am a cat. I decide.

More knitting and stitching content tomorrow.


Stacy said…
Nice, fluffy clouds. But, I must admit, I love the 'cattitudes' more. :)
jen said…
Love the "cattitudes" too. I also love the story about your son falling asleep in your arms. I don't have children (yet) but spent last week with my friend and her two little ones. Got VERY used to hugs and cuddles from my two-year-old buddy. Good times. Savour them :)

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