School Days Part 2

We are officially back in school. Day 1 went well. #1 Son has 2 teachers this year, one in the AM and a different one after lunch. His biggest worry was that he wouldn't remember their names. When this is the biggest worry, you know he will do fine! Baby Girl did fantastic at first on her big day. She arrived and made friends, turned to me and said goodbye. (the pre-K kids all meet up with the teachers outside before going in for breakfast) Ok so no love lost there. However when I was driving away, her smile faded. I drove by again (because I knew this wasnt good) and she was sitting by herself with her head down. Apparently school was a bit more intimidating than she expected. She's been away from me and daddy before but she's always been with her brother and she's always been with either family or very close friends. Now she was there by herself. I stayed with her until they went to the cafeteria. She did fine the rest of the day. Today we had a few separation issues in the AM again, but she did fine. However today's issue was nap time. Apparently they need to stay on their nap mats for 1.5 hours, a LONG time for a kid who stopped napping when she was two. We may eventually go to 1/2 days. Regardless, here is a picture of them on their first day of school.

This wknd I am hoping to start tackling the family room with paint and wood. This tornado design I have going thru the house is getting OLD. However breaks will be made for stitching and knitting. I decided to take a pic of Meghan's poncho-in-progress. It doesnt look like much, in fact I'm worried that the first square made is going to be too small. I measured it when it was hanging from the needles but now that it is off and laying there, I'm short by 4 inches......the weight of the yarn will probably make it stretch, if not, I will just add on to it. With the yarn being so variegated, I doubt anybody would notice.

Last but not least, here is a picture of Bag Ladies. I got more done on the bags behind and next to the cat. They are 1/2 stitches with 3 strands. Makes stitching go faster, however with all the half stitches in it, the fabric is going a bit wonky. Will definitely need to be stretched back into place when I'm done. Meanwhile it will be rotated out and I *think* Too Pooped will be worked on tonight instead. I found that if I start to stitch first, then when I'm tired, I can work on the poncho since it is straight knitting. Perfect mindless, sleepy knitting!


Jane said…
A 1-1/2 hour nap! What the heck is that all about? We had rest time for our full day "pre-first" and kindergarten classes, but it was 1/2 hour. Seems long enough to me. BTW, Orlando is out. We found out the meeting is down by Miami. Bummer.
Dee said…
I agree with Jane. That is too long to nap. I would think most kinds her age don't nap at all at home.

It sounds to me like they are trying to "fill time" so the teacher can do 1-1/2 hours less teaching plan.

On the stitching ....isn't it amazing how long you can work on a cross stitch, but you only get a little section done? I did that towel this week ...done in a day right??? Nope, took ALL WEEK!

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