School Days

Yes its the most wonderful time of the year........ The kids go back to school tomorrow!!!! Number One Son starts the 2nd grade and Baby Girl starts Pre-K. THAT is bittersweet. She has been wanting to go to school since she was 2 and #1Son started Kindergarten. In February she was still crying whenever we dropped off her brother because she so desperately wanted to stay. She is SO excited. Has her Princess backpack and her Barbie lunchbox and is ready to go! I am so happy for her because she wants this so badly, but where did my baby go?? Apparently to school tomorrow. #1Son has his Cars backpack and lunchbox (a BIG change from his usual Spiderman choices). Pictures and stories to follow tomorrow.

However even with all this going on, I have been stitching and knitting at night. I'm not totally 100% better yet, but I'm close. I'm looking forward to Friday when I can do nothing! Ok, less than I normally do. After dropping the kids off at school, I will come home and lounge around!!! Well I'll probably do dishes and a load of laundry and I NEED to do paperwork, but doing all of this while watching Regis and Kelly or The Nanny is somehow less stressful than going to work and doing paperwork. Plus I can knit in between all the chores. I'm working on Baby Girl's poncho and also Bag Ladies. Not much to show so wont be posting any pictures yet.

Just so I wont leave you pictureless, look what I did. Yep I fought the light and *I* won! I didn't even get a bump, but my head was sore for a couple of days. It doesnt match the new paint anyway, but there are other ways of disposing of the lamp, like taking it down!! LOL


Dee said…
Sounds like you *tried* to take it down.....with your head!

You are SOOOO going to like your *empty* house. I know I do now that Stephen has a full-time job! The peace and quiet is loverly!

Good luck to the kiddos.
Stacy said…
I hope the first day of school went well for the little ones. Thanks for coming by the blog - I traipsed over here to see if you had any knit or quilted goodies to look at. :)

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