SO Close......

I am SO close to finishing my sock! I worked on it last night (while watching some taped episodes of Knitty Gritty) and if I would have started sooner, I could have finished it. But that's ok. I will finish it tonight. I am bound and determined to get that letter A!

However, even though I dont have MY socks finished, I do have some finished socks to show.

My blogless friend Susie has been working on a pair of socks which are now complete. Aren't they cute? She used size 2 needles with the Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn. I asked her abt the acrylic yarn and she said she has no problems with the acrylic. She wouldnt wear them hiking, but they are perfect for inside the house. I've made 2 pairs of socks with this yarn, one pair for my newborn nephew and one pair for Baby Girl, but none for me. I've got enough of the stuff that I can make the kids sweaters with matching socks. And even though they are acrylic, I REALLY love the colorways. Explains why I have so much of it....

Ernesto has come and gone. We didnt get much of anything yesterday until abt midnight when we had a nice rainstorm. Ernesto is on its way to SC, but do you know our weather is expected to be worse today?!?!?! Sunny and hot with thunder and lightning storms by the afternoon. But at least we'll have a nice Labor Day wknd. Folks up north won't. Sounds like a wknd of knitting and movies to me!!


Diane said…
We're use to the rain up north! After all we've had a ton of it this spring/summer.

Your friend's socks look great. Love the colors and could really picture a nice kid sweater out of it. I'm not keen on acrylic socks. Not a yarn snob just tend to make my feet too hot.
Susie said…
Oooh, my socks are semi-famous. So nice to see them on screen!

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