Stashing and Saturday Sky

Here is my Saturday sky.

We've got this low going over us that was part of the tropical wave near the Carolinas. We've gotten a little bit of rain, but not enough to really count. At least not by me. But its been overcast which is a nice change from the blinding sun we normally have.

Now for the stashing part. I went with Dee to Needle Orts for some stitching and stashing. Dee found out she isn't a lover of Cascade Fixation and I'm not a lover of Inox needles so we swapped. I think I got the better deal since she also added in more Moda Dea yarn. That's the last of it since she got energetic and organized her stash. Good girl!! I'm afraid of mine so I've been ignoring it. Which is why I bought more!!!

I need to do a small project instead of all the huge cross stitch projects I've got going on so I picked up one or three. The little flower is probably up first. Its small and cute and different. That will probably hang in my little cubicle at work. The Pine Mountain Wedding pillow will be for my sister in law. As SOON as she tells me she's engaged, I will start. And the Mosey N Me Snowman Cat is just for the fun of it. I really do collect cat patterns. I can start to feel the beginnings of a change, which is why I'm doing the flower before the cat. I dont want to burn out on cats yet.

Speaking of cat projects, I did make some progress on Too Pooped. I *might* work on her one more time before I rotate her out. Or I may just rotate her out now and post a pic tomorrow. Not sure yet. It was nice to actually stitch without any interuptions yesterday. While I worked on Too Pooped, Dee worked on a really cute project for Halloween. Go check out her blog The Daily Stitch to see if she posted a picture of it. If not, bug her until she does!! HI DEE!! Oh and she brought her collection of washcloths that's she's been doing. VERY nicely done!!

Last night while watching Victor/Victoria, I cast on for a wristwarmer, finished it, decided that it was horrible looking and proceeded to rip it all out. Here it is before I pulled it apart.....

Like I said, blech. I try not to think abt the amount of sock length I could have gotten during that knitting time. But it was a learning experience. I found out that I dont like that pattern and that I will probably end up making wristwarmers for me with sock yarn and in the round with dpns. This yarn was just too bulky for this project. It was part of a small stash from my aunt so I need to figure out what to do with it. I may make big house socks with it and some other white worsted weight wool I have hanging around somewhere........


Dee said…
The wrist warmer is too bulky. How about a pair of kid mittens for a neice or nephew up north?

Had a good time stitching yesterday and I DID post a picture of the ghost ship so folks don't have to nag me. ;-)
Jane said…
I like the pattern, but you are right, it is too bulky. It would make a nice hat, maybe.
jen said…
Definitely a good time for frogging - the colour is pretty though. Maybe some kid socks/slippers or mittens? For future wristwarmer efforts you might want to check out the Fetching pattern on Knitty. They are really easy and fun - I did mine on two circulars and was thrilled with the result. Love your cross-stitch projects too - I collect snowmen and know what you mean about taking a break. Have fun with the flower pattern :)

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