We're All Melllltttttiiiiinnnnggggg.........

Where is all this heat coming from?!?!!? Pretty much the entire United States is HOT! I feel for those of you up north dealing with all that heat. At least us Southerners have a/c and electric companies that can handle the heat. We are hot here, yesterday afternoon it was 94 with a heat index of 98, cool temps for those up north. LaGuardia had a temp of 101 with a heat index of 109! That's just nuts.

However heat is heat and it just wipes me out. I work at a company where the a/c is *on* but I work in an area that doesn't cool off very well. On cloudy days or cool days, its great, but on sunny hot days, it can get to over 80 inside. Again, that's just nuts. Thankfully we dont have to dress in *office clothing*. Even though I'm in Accounting, its still a factory and we can dress in whatever we want. Can you say t-shirts and shorts??? I've worn my socks to work in the wintertime but was hoping to finish up some of my cascade socks to wear in the summer (no open toed shoes allowed even though we tend to break that rule quite often). Hasnt happened yet. And since my SIP is a DK weight wool/cotton blend, I will be waiting to wear those as well. Speaking of which I printed out the sock pattern again so that I'm ready to cast on for sock #2.

What have I done knitwise??? Well I *did* print out that sock pattern. And I looked at the wristwarmers for the next CIC challenge. Oh and I finished going thru the 2006 Knit Calendar (the pattern a day one). I now want to go thru and organize it by project (all socks together, all sweaters, etc). I even went so far as to bring my knitting bag into the bedroom with me to cast on for the socks. Or work on the dishcloth.......Neither happened. It was just too hot, I am still too sick, and just plain wiped out. Meanwhile I have yet to unpack and there is laundry everywhere. Some is clean but most of it is dirty. *sigh* And school starts in less than a week.

Since there is no knitting pictures to share, that means more NY shots. The in-laws have blueberry bushes in their backyard and the kids LOVE to pick them. Isnt it amazing how kids love to do it but us grownups see it as a chore? Blueberries anybody??


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