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Sky and Sock Details

Up first, Saturday sky.

Nice clear blue sky. Not exciting but I'm not complaining!

And now sock details. I used Cascade Fixation yarn for the socks. White for the main part of the sock and lime green for the toe and heel. Lime green is what I call it, the ball band calls it a number. I used a plain pattern, 2.5 inches of k2p2 ribbing and another inch of st st before I started the heel. I used my size 3 metal Susan Bates dpns. I was debating on what color to start next (was actually leaning toward a grey pair for my Grey's Anatomy KAL) when the kids said they wanted a pair so they will be next. Tomorrow I will cast on for #1 Son first, white sock with a lime green/blue variegated yarn for heels and toes. Baby Girl wants something more involved (no surprise there!). She wants a magenta pink for the cuff, purple for the foot and light pink for the heels and toes. I will do #1 Son's first and then will reverify that she still wants those colors. Usually #1 Son wants t…

With a day to spare!!!!

Look what I did tonight!!

I LOVE these socks!!! They are so squishy! They feel like they are giving my foot a hug. I've been wearing them ever since I took that picture. I'm only going to take them off because I'm getting too warm wearing them. I will give details tomorrow when I'm more awake. I just wanted to show off my socks!!

And Dee, I'm thinking of using the Cascade for my next pair as well!!!! Buwahahahahah


eBay will be the downfall of me. Its like a drug. I do a little innocent search. Wool yarn. It pulls up a jagillion. Wool sock yarn. Down to a million. Search by name. Opal. Lorna's Laces. Regia Bamboo. Search hand dyed yarn. So many pretty colors. You see where this is going.......

What started out as an innocent search ended up a pricey ending. BUT A GOOD ONE!! I was looking for some hand dyed yarn and checked out some places that others have recommended. One is from England. That would be the peachy stuff. Its a wool/angora blend. Then there is some other hand dyed merino wool. That would be the yarn cakes. And as I was looking I came across some Lorna's Laces called the Motherlode! Come on, how could I resist?!!?!? Well I can now since my Pay Pal card is empty!!

Here is a picture of my sock earlier tonight.

I got a bit more done on it but switched projects when I had to move to the couch. Baby Girl likes me to sit on the couch when she goes to sleep.…

Combination Sky

Here is a picture of the sky along with the quick trellis the IO built today.

You can sort of see the one in the back that he did back in Aug 2000 (have a pic but cant find it to scan). He was planning on making another one here but it just never happened so instead he braided 3 bendable plastic gardening sticks together to make an archway to hold up the honeysuckle that's there. However, the honeysuckle has gotten so big that it was making the archway bend. So he built this quick block trellis together to hold up the honeysuckle. Not as fancy as the back one but it will do, plus as the honeysuckle grows, it will cover up the wood.

Here is what's growing on the back trellis.

It's our bleeding heart that refuses to die!! LOL Seriously we have had to cut this stuff back more times because it looks dead. It comes right back up a couple months later!

It's been a gardening kind of week. The IO put up the bird feeder again, this time attached it to the swing (I canNOT…

Wanna Join????

Not much actual knitting has been taking place. I've been working on some projects but until there is legitimate progress, no pictures. What have I been doing?? Check out the side bar!! I've been joining KALs!!! Mostly sock KALs, but there are a few charity ones as well. Knit a scarf for a parent-less kid going off to college or a square for Crazy Aunt Purl's grandma (click on the button for the link). Or if you are a Grey's Anatomy fanatic like me, you join a KAL that has you knit during the show!! How low have I sunk in joining KALs?!?!!? I LOVE this show and really dont see myself getting much done during the show but it will be a great place to discuss McDreamy! (sorry, no links in this entry. I've got the entire family circling for dessert and computer time. If you want to find out abt McDreamy, google the show).

And to not leave you completely pictureless (because that would be a travesty!), grab a belly rub while you can!!!

Saturday Sky

I went out this AM to get a pic of the sky and got this.

#1 Son says it looks like a blue sheet of paper. He's right. So I took another one around 1pm.

Better, but still not thrilling.

Besides I prefer this view:

and this one:

While there is a BIG part of me that is jealous that the northern states are starting to cool down a bit, I'm glad that we still have a couple more months of the above.

And what did I do last night? I decided to start my stole with my Euroflax yarn and went from this

to this

in a little over FOUR HOURS!!! Blech. Why I didnt have my LYS make them into center pull balls I'll never know. I guess I figured it wouldnt be that hard. HA! I started around 7pm last night and tried to keep it separated with my knees and toes (head and shoulders were used in the winding, those who have little kids know the song) but that apparently didnt work since it took me over FOUR HOURS to wind it into a ball!! I have 3 more left for my project and will have to volunt…

4 Going on 14

I have a daughter that is both girly girl and tom boy. She LOVES to play with frogs, spiders, snakes, basically anything she can catch. We've stopped the snakes and spiders (living in Florida provides lots of poisonous varieties) but the frogs and ESPECIALLY lizards don't stand a chance. And yet this afternoon we had a make-over party. Basically SHE put on MY makeup. The girl lives for red lipstick. Important to look good when catching lizards.

The many sides of Baby Girl:

Part Girly Girl

Part Tom Boy

Even at 2 she loved the lace

and creatures from the black lagoon.
(click to enlarge so you can see the spider she is holding in her hand. Notice the big smile! BLECH)

And yes I do have a Number 1 Son, but lately he doesn't want to have his picture taken. However we do have the school Walk-A-Thon fund raiser coming up which will provide lots of photo ops. He can run but he cant hide!!!! BUHAHAHAHAH

Ok so its the little things that keep a mom sane. Like knitting. I finishe…

It's Official

My sil called up on Sunday afternoon and told us she is offically engaged! WOOHOOO!! I'm so happy. Her soon to be betrothed is such a nice guy!! And the fact that he could handle the HUGE family reunion in July and come out unscathed, a perfect match!! So this meant I needed to start the project I bought here. I pulled it out last night and almost got it all stitched up in one night!!

I'm also making good progress on my sock. I'm getting close to starting the toe portion of it. I'm LOVING this sock!!

If you look closely you can see the strand of yarn from the colorful heel. I'll show the whole thing off once I finish the sock.

And there has been (small) progress on the flooring. My laundry room is done.

Not the first place I would have preferred but I'll take what I can get!!

Now off to ballet. I'll bring the sock, but there were SO many moms there last week for 2 different classes it was more social hour than knitting hour. I may not get much kn…

The Sweater Status

I've been thinking abt my sweater. Do I rip or do I continue? The majority of you said to rip it out, but Deborah (a woman after my own heart) gave me ideas on how to either cover them up or to live with them. I HATE to rip so the more I thought abt it, the more I thought the extra holes might look like part of the design. I decided to keep going and see how it looked. If it worked, then I would make the same mistake on the front so it would be consistant. It went from bad to worse. I worked 2 more rows and realized that there were less stitches than I should have. I thought I might be able to add where they needed to go, but that wasnt working. So I did it.
My sweater before:

You can see the floral pattern a bit.

This is my sweater after I ripped back:

I think I am going to make some modifications. I still want to think abt it first before I make any decisions.......Meanwhile I'm done with the sweater. I'm pulling out the sock. I'm on the foot part of it a…


I bought tickets to Disney On Ice Princess Wishes for Baby Girl and me and the show was today. Since #1 Son chose not to go, the Insane One took him to Animal Kingdom. Since it was just the two of them, #1 Son was able to get all the stamps in his Explorer book and got a prize (temporary tattoo). Score one for the Boys.

HOWEVER, *I* had the camera so only the Girls got pictures! Score one for the Girls. Here is Baby Girl with her special cup from the show.

And one of me and Baby Girl at the restaurant after the show.

I have to say that we had a lot of fun. At first Baby Girl missed Daddy and #1 Son, but just before we left she said that she really had fun with just us girls. I'll have to remind her of that 10 years from now.

And just in case you thought I forgot abt Saturday sky......

I'm disappointed that I TOTALLY forgot that the shuttle took off today. I love to watch it go up into the sky, no matter how small it may appear at my house. Hopefully the next time they sho…

The gremlins have moved

So the computer is slowly coming back to where I need it to be, but tragedy has struck elsewhere. Yep the knitting. The gremlins moved and are wrecking havoc on my projects!!

First, last night I'm knitting along on my sweater when I found yet ANOTHER error. This is 3 rows down and since its part of the flower, there are yos and k3togs and OMG-how-do-I-rip-back-to-fix-this?????? The only way I can do this is to rip back to where there is just knitting, 12 rows down. NO WAY because then I have to do all the lacy work all over again!! I'm not much of a ripper, I can live with mistakes. However this is a pretty big one (yos where there should be knitting which means holes where there shouldn't be) plus the leaves have yos that don't show up. I feel this sweater becoming a UFO and the yarn being used for another project. I may have to look thru my stash and maybe the internet to see if I have a pattern that can use this sport weight yarn. We'll see.......

The se…

Out of ICU

After much blood, sweat and tears, the evil computer is back up and working. I agree with Deborah, there must be computer gremlins that lie dormant, ready to attack when you least expect it. Thankfully we eventually found the back up disk to reload everything from July. I really hate when this stuff happens because now I need to re-organize all my favorites again. I guess I should be happy that I got it back up and running, but it still ticks me off. BTW have I said I want my own computer?!?!!? The IO says it can happen to any of them, but if its mine, then I KNOW when and how to do back ups and nothing weird will be added or removed. Ok, rant over.

Meanwhile I have been busy finishing things. First up is Baby Girl's poncho.

And to think I was worried it would be too small! She LOVES it!! We were going out that night and she insisted on wearing it. Ok so its 89 degrees outside, but we were in an air conditioned house so it was ok. I finished knitting it up Monday night a…

Computers are EVIL!

Saturday night I looked outside and it was yellow. The way the sun was reflecting off the clouds I thought a storm was coming. No storm, just a weird hue. I got the camera but by the time I got it (abt 2 min since there was a kid crisis) it had gone to a deep pink. I got a picture of it and it was gorgeous!! Deep pinks and bits of white accents from the lower clouds. Sunday we got a picture of a DOUBLE rainbow outside. Really neat! My plan was to show you all in a post on Monday, but it happened AGAIN!! My computer hard drive crashed. We had a back up from after we came back from NY so I still have my NY pictures, but all the pictures I've taken since then, like the first day of school, are gone.

Thank God for the blog!! And the fact that I always include pictures!! So I have a place to retrieve them from. And I did put some in my Webshots acct plus the pictures I've sent out thru email I can request copies from my friends. Oh and my emails.....I had abt 100+ e…

Stash Flashing Part II

Ok now that I've gone thru my entire yarn stash and reorganized the kitted up projects, it was time to start on the rest. ~GULP~

This is the overwhelming part of it all. Remember how I said I had yarn but no projects in mind? Well I have an *idea* with what I want to do with some of the yarn, cotton yarn into dishcloths, pink yarn into a Baby Girl project, but others I just hold onto until I know what to do with it.

Case in point. I bought this yarn on clearance at Wal-Mart. It is SO soft and nice and perfect for kid projects, so I bought some. Ok I bought ALOT! I didnt want to run out!

In my defense, I HAVE made a baby sweater out of this yarn and it came out REALLY cute!!

I now have enough left for MANY babies!!! I should knit up a couple of sweaters and matching blankets for a ready made gift.

Then there is the Red Heart Cotton Twist.

I'd been watching this yarn at Wal-Mart and sure enough it went on clearance. So I bought a couple (or 18) because its a soft light weig…

Saturday Sky and Stash Flashing

First of all, here is my late morning Saturday sky. Not as exciting as last week's, but that's fine by me.

Second, I finally organized my yarn stash. I had bags here and there with only a bin of yarn kitted up into projects. So I dumped ALL my yarn on the bed today to sort and organize and, of course, to photograph. *First* here is a picture of my yarn stash back in Aug 2004. I was knitting, but not stashing so it all fit into one bin.

Boy have times changed! Here is ALL of it now.

WOW! My buying has overcome my knitting!! I decided to start on the area that was already somewhat organized. Here are the projects all kitted up.
For me.....
Two sweater, a shawl and a lace scarf

For Baby Girl....
A dress and a sweater

And for Number 1 Son......
A vest and a sweater

And of course, my sock yarn!

This is a united, peaceful, sock world. Notice how the Regia and the Lionbrand get along. Lorna's Laces mingle with the Knit Picks. The Kroy and the Koigu are neighbors. They all live …