4 Going on 14

I have a daughter that is both girly girl and tom boy. She LOVES to play with frogs, spiders, snakes, basically anything she can catch. We've stopped the snakes and spiders (living in Florida provides lots of poisonous varieties) but the frogs and ESPECIALLY lizards don't stand a chance. And yet this afternoon we had a make-over party. Basically SHE put on MY makeup. The girl lives for red lipstick. Important to look good when catching lizards.

The many sides of Baby Girl:

Part Girly Girl

Part Tom Boy

Even at 2 she loved the lace

and creatures from the black lagoon.
(click to enlarge so you can see the spider she is holding in her hand. Notice the big smile! BLECH)

And yes I do have a Number 1 Son, but lately he doesn't want to have his picture taken. However we do have the school Walk-A-Thon fund raiser coming up which will provide lots of photo ops. He can run but he cant hide!!!! BUHAHAHAHAH

Ok so its the little things that keep a mom sane. Like knitting. I finished one sock

And have cast on for the other. Dont you think the lime green heel and toe add a bit of kick to my sock?!?! I'm doing them on size 3 dpns but I wonder how size 2s would be.......I'll have to try that on the next pair.

And the wedding cross stitch is finished as far as the stitching goes. I will wash and press it and insert it into the Pine Mountain Pillow before I take the next picture. I cant decide if I want to send it NOW as an engagement present, or to wait until they get married. I seriously can't decide......


stitcherw said…
Baby Girl is adorable, I loved the lizard on the toe. She reminds me a lot of when my daughter was young, she loved all different kinds of critters too (except spiders) and also liked the pinks and to get dressed up.

Your sock looks great, nice job. You've been busy.
Dee said…
Do you have the cutest kids or what?

Love the socks too. The lime green heel/toe makes the sock!

I would keep the pillow as a wedding gift. I think the saying is more "wedding" than engagement. Just sayin'. LOL
Jane said…
Your daughter is just darling! But that bug thing - uh, nope, no way!! hee hee I like the green heel and toe on your sock. I'm pretty sure I used size 2's for my Fixation socks.
Melissa said…
Adorable pictures!!
Love the sock!!
Deborah said…
I hope this comes out ok, here it goes "yippee, one less wimpy little girl to grow up as a needful big girl!" I hope she grows up to be Governor! I was reading the obits on Ann Richards (former gov. of Texas) and she said that she didn't want anyone to remember her as the woman who kept her house clean! Who says you can't be King and a princess all at the same time??
Susie said…
LOVE that lime green detailing...I would so wear those with birkenstocks :)
Danielle said…
I've only knit socks on size 2s, and... it takes forEVer! But I'm also knitting a cardigan on size 2s now, so what do I know? The sweater swatch really didn't look as good on size 3s.

That all said I just bought UK needles that are like a US 2-1/3. I'm hoping those will make the stitches a wee bit bigger so socks don't take as long.
DianaB said…
I have two questions.What kind of lizard is that? It is really small.We have bluetail lizards here,but they are at least a little bit bigger.Also,I am looking for white sock yarn.What kind is that and where did you get it?Alright,that is three questions.lol Very cute children.

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