I bought tickets to Disney On Ice Princess Wishes for Baby Girl and me and the show was today. Since #1 Son chose not to go, the Insane One took him to Animal Kingdom. Since it was just the two of them, #1 Son was able to get all the stamps in his Explorer book and got a prize (temporary tattoo). Score one for the Boys.

HOWEVER, *I* had the camera so only the Girls got pictures! Score one for the Girls. Here is Baby Girl with her special cup from the show.

And one of me and Baby Girl at the restaurant after the show.

I have to say that we had a lot of fun. At first Baby Girl missed Daddy and #1 Son, but just before we left she said that she really had fun with just us girls. I'll have to remind her of that 10 years from now.

And just in case you thought I forgot abt Saturday sky......

I'm disappointed that I TOTALLY forgot that the shuttle took off today. I love to watch it go up into the sky, no matter how small it may appear at my house. Hopefully the next time they shoot off a rocket, I'll remember.

And who won? The boys or the girls??? I say it was a four-way tie. Fun was had by all.


stitcherw said…
Looks like you had a wonderful time, and your weather certainly looks like it cooperated.
Dee said…
That's a wonderful picture of you and Baby Girl!
Go, Girls!!! :o)

What a cute picture of you and your daughter (she's a cutie!!).

DH had me set the microwave timer so we wouldn't miss the launch. We watched it on the computer (from NASA's website - no irritating commentators as on TV)
Susie said…
What a great day for you all! Love the cup - I don't dare show this to my Baby Girl or she'll be demanding one as well!

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