Combination Sky

Here is a picture of the sky along with the quick trellis the IO built today.

You can sort of see the one in the back that he did back in Aug 2000 (have a pic but cant find it to scan). He was planning on making another one here but it just never happened so instead he braided 3 bendable plastic gardening sticks together to make an archway to hold up the honeysuckle that's there. However, the honeysuckle has gotten so big that it was making the archway bend. So he built this quick block trellis together to hold up the honeysuckle. Not as fancy as the back one but it will do, plus as the honeysuckle grows, it will cover up the wood.

Here is what's growing on the back trellis.

It's our bleeding heart that refuses to die!! LOL Seriously we have had to cut this stuff back more times because it looks dead. It comes right back up a couple months later!

It's been a gardening kind of week. The IO put up the bird feeder again, this time attached it to the swing (I canNOT even begin to tell you how many bird feeders we have had and he has changed. Seriously.) Of course he's not happy with it since only the small birds can get to it, none of the bigger birds. However not just the small birds get to it.......

Unfortunately the IO didnt get the squirrel falling right after that last picture. These squirrels truly amaze me. They can get to almost ANY bird feeder (except the one that the IO had attached to the boat mast that was attached to the boat that was in my backyard. Yes, seriously.)

AS you can tell, I'm trying to dazzle you all with pictures of my backyard adventures because I don't have any projects to share. I'm working on one that is a secret right now and since that is getting the majority of my crafting time, I dont have much else to share. I did work on my sock a bit yesterday but not much to show there either. I'm just starting the decreases after the gusset and in the foot part. I DO need to have it done by next Saturday since I need to post it for the month of Sept in my KALs. So first the secret project and then the sock. More details and pictures once the secret project is complete.

Meanwhile here is one last picture......

I'm old and retired. Unless you plan on feeding me, leave me alone.


Dee said…
The squirrel pictures are great!

I love bleeding heart. We had a beautiful one at our last house.
Deborah said…

My heart is bleeding for your bleeding heart plant! I can't tell you how I've struggled with that plant over the years (each year I have to by a new one because they don't winter over). I've always used it in a planter by my kitchen door but keeping it healthy is another story.
Susie said…
Oooh, honeysuckle - we've got some on the knitting house. I just want to bury my head in it when it's in bloom. Never seen bleeding heart though...what a gorgeous plant!
stitcherw said…
Loved the squirrel shot, they are resourceful creatures. It never ceases to amaze me what all they manage to get into.
Vivian said…
I LOVE your squirrel pictures! they sure get into everything. Grey comes on too early in my neck of the woods, otherwise I'll join the KAL as well.
Old and retired!! LOL! What a perfect caption for that picture!

(Though I thought *all* cats acted like they were retired! :o)

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