Computers are EVIL!

Saturday night I looked outside and it was yellow. The way the sun was reflecting off the clouds I thought a storm was coming. No storm, just a weird hue. I got the camera but by the time I got it (abt 2 min since there was a kid crisis) it had gone to a deep pink. I got a picture of it and it was gorgeous!! Deep pinks and bits of white accents from the lower clouds. Sunday we got a picture of a DOUBLE rainbow outside. Really neat! My plan was to show you all in a post on Monday, but it happened AGAIN!! My computer hard drive crashed. We had a back up from after we came back from NY so I still have my NY pictures, but all the pictures I've taken since then, like the first day of school, are gone.

Thank God for the blog!! And the fact that I always include pictures!! So I have a place to retrieve them from. And I did put some in my Webshots acct plus the pictures I've sent out thru email I can request copies from my friends. Oh and my emails.....I had abt 100+ emails that I was either saving, wanted to respond to and needed to read.......GONE. I went on line this AM to blog abt this and when I hit my favorites......

Gone. All of it. All the blogs that I read. All the sites I've saved, patterns I wanted to eventually do or pull ideas from. G-O-N-E. I HATE THIS!!!! I was just getting over the fact that I would have to email everybody what happened but the favorites being gone is a new blow.......

Ugh.....all the kids games we downloaded and PAID for. Gone.

What is this you ask? One of 5 pictures on my computer. Apparently the IO didnt upload from the back up disk yet. UGH.


Deborah said…
These are gremlins you speak of. They invade our lives, our plumbing, our bodies, our men, our computers.... Beware!
Dave Daniels said…
OMG, can I just tell you that I saw this photo just a few minutes ago on a CSM Yahoo group? WOW! Small world.
So sorry to hear ab out losing all your favorites and stuff. I try and do a monthly back up of that stuff just in case. (I once had AOL, and would routinely lose things, so I've learned the hard way.)
Glad you could get back online!

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