The gremlins have moved

So the computer is slowly coming back to where I need it to be, but tragedy has struck elsewhere. Yep the knitting. The gremlins moved and are wrecking havoc on my projects!!

First, last night I'm knitting along on my sweater when I found yet ANOTHER error. This is 3 rows down and since its part of the flower, there are yos and k3togs and OMG-how-do-I-rip-back-to-fix-this?????? The only way I can do this is to rip back to where there is just knitting, 12 rows down. NO WAY because then I have to do all the lacy work all over again!! I'm not much of a ripper, I can live with mistakes. However this is a pretty big one (yos where there should be knitting which means holes where there shouldn't be) plus the leaves have yos that don't show up. I feel this sweater becoming a UFO and the yarn being used for another project. I may have to look thru my stash and maybe the internet to see if I have a pattern that can use this sport weight yarn. We'll see.......

The second tragedy is this.

I took a deep breath and calmly asked her what happened. She said it was because she didnt fold it up. Honestly when I looked at it, it looked like the yarn got ripped in two. Baby Girl can't do that yet so it either got caught in a drawer or those !@#$ gremlins got to it! Either case I took another breath and fixed it.

It's not the best fix in the world but I can see that it will be the first of many. Plus when she wears it, you cant see it because of the business of the yarn.


I pulled out the Eurofax to make my stole and it's a feather and fan pattern. Normally not a problem, but after the fiasco of yos and k2togs from the sweater, I'm afraid to start it. I may pull out the yarn for my sweater instead. I'm pretty sure that sweater is a basic sweater pattern, nothing fancy. And I think it's more of a jacket than a sweater. Gonna pull that out tomorrow. For now, I'm pulling out my sock. So far the gnomes or gremlins or any other x-rated "G" word have left it alone.


Dee said…
It's that Fixation yarn, I tell ya brings all kinds of vexation to your house and home!


Oh wait ....I gave you some of that. Well.....the ones *I* gave you are well-behaved. The rest of it .....pure E Evil I tell ya.
Stacy said…
Rip it, baby! Better to rip 12 rows now than to let it become a UFO. :)

I think the poncho fix is fine. At least she loves it and is wearing it. Holes are par for the course with little ones, methinks.
Deborah said…
I actually saw on someone's blog a ufo in the trash! I frog only when I have to, I stick random flowers over darned mistakes (pun intended), buttons and all manner of other concealers. Then, when a button sewn over a botched spot just happens to be where my left nipple resides I employ an old amish belief, "there must be errors because only God is perfect."
Dr. Purl said…
I suggest Rip it too... You will probally spend just as much time fixing it as you would if your rip it.
stitcherw said…
Yikes, the gremlins have been hitting you lately. So sorry to hear about the 12 rows, but it is looking so lovely do you really want to have it turn into a UFO? Do you have a friend that you could hand it off to so they could do the ripping for you and then you could start up again? That might make it a little less painful. Baby girls poncho fix looks fine, if you aren't looking for it and know where it is, you'll never see it.

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