It's Official

My sil called up on Sunday afternoon and told us she is offically engaged! WOOHOOO!! I'm so happy. Her soon to be betrothed is such a nice guy!! And the fact that he could handle the HUGE family reunion in July and come out unscathed, a perfect match!! So this meant I needed to start the project I bought here. I pulled it out last night and almost got it all stitched up in one night!!

I'm also making good progress on my sock. I'm getting close to starting the toe portion of it. I'm LOVING this sock!!

If you look closely you can see the strand of yarn from the colorful heel. I'll show the whole thing off once I finish the sock.

And there has been (small) progress on the flooring. My laundry room is done.

Not the first place I would have preferred but I'll take what I can get!!

Now off to ballet. I'll bring the sock, but there were SO many moms there last week for 2 different classes it was more social hour than knitting hour. I may not get much knitting done during ballet this year.....


Dee said…
Best wishes to your SIL. I know she'll love that little pillow.

Your sock looks great. Can't wait to see what you mean by the colorful heel. Your post reminded me ... I used the INOX needles you gave me. I LOVE THEM! They are great for casting on the socks and then moving down to size 2s for the rest. The yarn slides on the INOX needles really well! THANKS --
stitcherw said…
The colors are so pretty, I'm sure they'll love it. And the sock looks great. Is the yarn as soft as it looks?
Anonymous said…
What kind of yarn is the white sock yarn and where did you find it? I really love those socks.

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