Out of ICU

After much blood, sweat and tears, the evil computer is back up and working. I agree with Deborah, there must be computer gremlins that lie dormant, ready to attack when you least expect it. Thankfully we eventually found the back up disk to reload everything from July. I really hate when this stuff happens because now I need to re-organize all my favorites again. I guess I should be happy that I got it back up and running, but it still ticks me off. BTW have I said I want my own computer?!?!!? The IO says it can happen to any of them, but if its mine, then I KNOW when and how to do back ups and nothing weird will be added or removed. Ok, rant over.

Meanwhile I have been busy finishing things. First up is Baby Girl's poncho.

And to think I was worried it would be too small! She LOVES it!! We were going out that night and she insisted on wearing it. Ok so its 89 degrees outside, but we were in an air conditioned house so it was ok. I finished knitting it up Monday night and seamed it up last (Tues) night.

Next thing finished was the dishcloth.

I was running out of yarn so made it smaller than planned. However I still ran out of yarn while binding off so I used some yarn from the other skein. Yes you can see it but since its just for me and washing dishes, I dont mind. Plus I already made a mistake in it (bottom right corner, I purled where I should have knit) which I didnt notice until I was 3 inches past the point. Again, only for me and the dirty dishes so not a ripping-back-gotta-fix-it issue.

Once those two things were done, I'm realizing that I have nothing on the needles except my sweater so I needed to cast on. Since I had the yarn out, I cast on for another dish cloth.

I really like this colorway and wished there was something else I could do with this yarn other than dishcloths. I could make a tank for Baby Girl but this yarn is in a colorway that *I* like, not her. I need more pink if it was going to be for her.

Once I got that cast on and 4 rows started, I cast on for a pair of socks.

I am using a white cascade fixation yarn with a plain vanilla pattern, but before you all start to yawn from boredom, I plan on adding lime green for the heels and toes. Baby Girl starts ballet this afternoon and I plan on working on this sock while there. I have to admit, I do get a charge out of knitting socks around these women. They think I'm magical that I can knit with so many small pointy needles!! teehee.....

Next up, casting on for a vest for Number One Son.


Susie said…
The poncho looks terrific!! How many skeins did it take?
Dee said…
ACK ....it's that FIXATION stuff again. LOL

Baby Girl looks ADORABLE in her poncho. My golly, but you've got some cutie-pie kids.
stitcherw said…
I see you are busy as usual! Baby girl's poncho looks great, I can see why she'd want to wear it right away. I got a little more done on my scarf, about 2/3 done now. However, no stitching lately.
Diane said…
With that huge smile it's easy to see that the poncho is a hit.

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