Saturday Sky and Stash Flashing

First of all, here is my late morning Saturday sky. Not as exciting as last week's, but that's fine by me.

Second, I finally organized my yarn stash. I had bags here and there with only a bin of yarn kitted up into projects. So I dumped ALL my yarn on the bed today to sort and organize and, of course, to photograph. *First* here is a picture of my yarn stash back in Aug 2004. I was knitting, but not stashing so it all fit into one bin.

Boy have times changed! Here is ALL of it now.

WOW! My buying has overcome my knitting!! I decided to start on the area that was already somewhat organized. Here are the projects all kitted up.
For me.....
Two sweater, a shawl and a lace scarf

For Baby Girl....
A dress and a sweater

And for Number 1 Son......
A vest and a sweater

And of course, my sock yarn!

This is a united, peaceful, sock world. Notice how the Regia and the Lionbrand get along. Lorna's Laces mingle with the Knit Picks. The Kroy and the Koigu are neighbors. They all live together in harmony. If only the world was so peaceful. One day.......Meanwhile I'll revel in the peace that is sock yarn.

All of these projects are kitted together, put in a plastic bin (the one that you see in the stash picture) and live in my closet. These are the current I-Want-To-Do-Now projects. It makes it much easier when trying to figure out what to start next. I have yarn with no projects in mind and projects with no yarn in mind. This saves my sanity when trying to pick out a new project. However, as you can tell, that is NOT all the stash. Stay tuned for ~those~ group pictures.


stitcherw said…
Yup, your stash has certainly grown. Isn't it fun to take out and admire (not to mention fondle, LOL). You've got some gorgeous colors there to work with.
Dee said…
The Cascade Fixation is fixin' to escape. I can see it roamin' off to the side by itself.

It's evil I tell you...pure E EVIL ....of de debbil! Hide it quick before it perverts the good yarn over to its evil, evil ways!


Is one ball of that Moda Dea really enough to make a vest for #1 Son?

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