Saturday Sky

I went out this AM to get a pic of the sky and got this.

#1 Son says it looks like a blue sheet of paper. He's right. So I took another one around 1pm.

Better, but still not thrilling.

Besides I prefer this view:

and this one:

While there is a BIG part of me that is jealous that the northern states are starting to cool down a bit, I'm glad that we still have a couple more months of the above.

And what did I do last night? I decided to start my stole with my Euroflax yarn and went from this

to this

in a little over FOUR HOURS!!! Blech. Why I didnt have my LYS make them into center pull balls I'll never know. I guess I figured it wouldnt be that hard. HA! I started around 7pm last night and tried to keep it separated with my knees and toes (head and shoulders were used in the winding, those who have little kids know the song) but that apparently didnt work since it took me over FOUR HOURS to wind it into a ball!! I have 3 more left for my project and will have to volunteer a member of the family to help. It just makes me think of all the hanks I have that need to be wound up. Blech.


Dee said…
Awwww -- cute pool pic.

I'm thinking the Euroflax I bought is just a tad "brighter" in color.

If I wasn't so hot and lazy, I'd get up and look. Stay tuned.
Stacy said…
Four hours for one skein = go buy a balll-winder. :) If you get coupons for your local Jo-Anns, it shouldn't be too expensive. Or, maybe your LYS will let you back in and wind it for you.

Lovely photos of your family! I've been wanting to swim with my boys this week, but it's actually getting a bit cool here for that. I have hope that we'll warm up for just a bit longer, though. Real winter doesn't start here in NC till January.
Deborah said…
I want to be #1 son's agent. Look at that expression! Priceless!

Too bad about that yarn. Could it 'knot' get any worse?? Ok, that was silly...
Melissa said…
Cute pics!!
Go buy a ball winder!! :) LOL!
Glad you joined the Grey's KAL!!
Diane said…
Can that pool picture be any cuter? I don't think so.

I feel your pain about winding the skein of yarn. I did a HUGE 8 oz skein of wool (over the knees by hand) only to decide that no I didn't want to use it after all. So then I ended up winding another skein of something else.
FFC said…
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Vivian said…
Lovely picture of your family! My 7 yo son is in the "don't ever take another picture of me" mode, and I have to sneak around to capture him on camera. so much easier to take pictures of knitting :-)

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