Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sky and Sock Details

Up first, Saturday sky.

Nice clear blue sky. Not exciting but I'm not complaining!

And now sock details. I used Cascade Fixation yarn for the socks. White for the main part of the sock and lime green for the toe and heel. Lime green is what I call it, the ball band calls it a number. I used a plain pattern, 2.5 inches of k2p2 ribbing and another inch of st st before I started the heel. I used my size 3 metal Susan Bates dpns. I was debating on what color to start next (was actually leaning toward a grey pair for my Grey's Anatomy KAL) when the kids said they wanted a pair so they will be next. Tomorrow I will cast on for #1 Son first, white sock with a lime green/blue variegated yarn for heels and toes. Baby Girl wants something more involved (no surprise there!). She wants a magenta pink for the cuff, purple for the foot and light pink for the heels and toes. I will do #1 Son's first and then will reverify that she still wants those colors. Usually #1 Son wants the multi-coloring which explains why he wanted the variegated heel and toe. No variegation for Baby Girl, just lots of different solids. We'll see if it sticks.

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stitcherw said...

Baby girl's color choices sound like a lot of fun. Hmmmm the yarn looks so soft and squishy I may just have to check it out. Do yarn stores normally carry it where I could see it do you know? I'm lucky enough to have two fairly nice yarn stores near me, but haven't been in them to look around in ages.