Stash Flashing Part II

Ok now that I've gone thru my entire yarn stash and reorganized the kitted up projects, it was time to start on the rest. ~GULP~

This is the overwhelming part of it all. Remember how I said I had yarn but no projects in mind? Well I have an *idea* with what I want to do with some of the yarn, cotton yarn into dishcloths, pink yarn into a Baby Girl project, but others I just hold onto until I know what to do with it.

Case in point. I bought this yarn on clearance at Wal-Mart. It is SO soft and nice and perfect for kid projects, so I bought some. Ok I bought ALOT! I didnt want to run out!

In my defense, I HAVE made a baby sweater out of this yarn and it came out REALLY cute!!

I now have enough left for MANY babies!!! I should knit up a couple of sweaters and matching blankets for a ready made gift.

Then there is the Red Heart Cotton Twist.

I'd been watching this yarn at Wal-Mart and sure enough it went on clearance. So I bought a couple (or 18) because its a soft light weight yarn and I thought it would be perfect for a sweater for Number 1 Son.

Then there are the yarn skeins that I'm not sure I have enough of to make something, but I do really like them and will do something with. Again, clearanced out of Wal-Mart or JoAnn's (yes I see the trend too).

The Cotton Tots will probably be a tank for Baby Girl next year and the pink Bernat will probably be a nice hand knit baby blanket. The Sugar and Cream will become washcloths. The Cotton Fleece *might* become an outfit for a toddler or baby. I have heard good things abt this yarn and have been dying to try it. Unfortunately my LYS only had these 4 skeins left. So I bought them and figured I'd play with them. However they fell into that have-the-yarn-but-no-pattern black hole and so they sit. And the white yarn has an angora blend to it and OH SO SOFT!! I bought the last 3 skeins in hopes of finding more at another JoAnn's. Never did.

This is some woolease that I got free from LionBrand. I bought their Chenille in a GORGEOUS purple to make a vest for myself. I finished the ENTIRE thing, just needed to seam it up. The ribbing seemed a bit tight so I gently stretched it. POP POP POP!!!!! O-M-G. It popped apart. I just stared at it. I took it to my truly local LYS to see if it was salvagable. She said I could cut out the ribbing, unravel to live stitches, pick them back up and reknit the ribbing in a needle a size bigger than called for. I tried. I REALLLY tried but it is nearly impossible to see unraveled live chenille stitches. The whole thing ended up in the garbage. I emailed LionBrand to tell them this sad tale of woe and they sent me out the three skeins of chunky Woolease. I have a pattern to make a cabled tote bag out of it, but it may end up as scarves for the Red Scarf Project (click on sidebar button for more details). Same for the large ball of Woolease. That ball is from Dee and I'd like to put it to good use. I cant use it for CIC since there isnt enough wool in it.

Last and probably least is this pile

Its the Red Heart and Caron that I've purchased over the years, leftover yarn from completed projects, yarn that I really wonder why I'm keeping. Then Baby Girl comes over and picks up a ball, squeezes it and says it would be perfect as an eye patch (I kid you not!) So I keep it all and maybe make some doll clothes (or an eye patch if I can find/figure out a pattern!!) Oh and there is some wool I was given that I may use for some CIC projects.

Needless to say, I'm REALLY trying to use up my stash before I buy much more. Sock yarn not included.


Susie said…
Oooh, pretty stash....prettty! once I get my knitblog/meblog up and running, I should do this. Shame myself into knitting more of it up?? LOL
stitcherw said…
What lovely yarn stash. I don't do much knitting, but I'm envious. It looks so pretty and soft I just want to sink my hands into it and squeeze. You aren't trying to enable the rest of us are you, lol?
Dee said…
I REALLY don't feel bad about how much I have now.

You need to get those needles clickin'!

By the way ....went past Austin's coffee shop today. There is NO WAY I'm going in there. YUCK! I'll do my own knitting in the food court in the mall. LOL
Deborah said…
Most of us have stashes, which is why we must join that stash along group. My problem is that I hide my stash, so the fact that you show off your lot, is healthy :)

Today at a dinner party I overheard my hubby tell another gentleman that his cigars cost 7 bucks each. Well, I know he smokes at least 3 a day. Let's see that's $21 bucks a day times 7 days a week, times 4 weeks a month... well you get the idea. I no longer feel I have to hide my stash! At least my yarn ain't going up in smoke!!
stitcherw said…
Found something else you can do with your yarn stash. I just finished a good mystery "A Deadly Yarn" by Maggie Sefton. It is the third in a series, with lots of talk about yarns. They also talk about and have a pattern for a shawl that sounds really pretty.
BTW, I got ambitious and started a blog
still working on learning all the fun stuff you've already learned to do, but it's a start.

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