eBay will be the downfall of me. Its like a drug. I do a little innocent search. Wool yarn. It pulls up a jagillion. Wool sock yarn. Down to a million. Search by name. Opal. Lorna's Laces. Regia Bamboo. Search hand dyed yarn. So many pretty colors. You see where this is going.......

What started out as an innocent search ended up a pricey ending. BUT A GOOD ONE!! I was looking for some hand dyed yarn and checked out some places that others have recommended. One is from England. That would be the peachy stuff. Its a wool/angora blend. Then there is some other hand dyed merino wool. That would be the yarn cakes. And as I was looking I came across some Lorna's Laces called the Motherlode! Come on, how could I resist?!!?!? Well I can now since my Pay Pal card is empty!!

Here is a picture of my sock earlier tonight.

I got a bit more done on it but switched projects when I had to move to the couch. Baby Girl likes me to sit on the couch when she goes to sleep. She can watch me from her room while I watch TV. I switched projects because I am still trying to get some things done by this wknd. Not sure if I can since I have a Walk-A-Thon that I'm volunteering for on Friday and we are having some family out on Saturday to go out to dinner. Even though I'm not cooking, the house still needs to be in some kind of order. BTW the flooring is done, but nothing is really put back the way it needs to go. My decor looks like I use Post Tornado as my guide.

Speaking of my sock, DianeB asked me a question abt my sock and the lizard on Baby Girl's toe. First of all, I have NO idea what kind of lizard it is. It's the kind that I've had around the area my entire life. Sorry, no help there. However, I CAN tell you what kind of sock yarn I'm using. Its Cascade Fixation. Yes its hard to find true white in sock yarn, but they have it in the Fixation. I just really want this sock to be done by Saturday so that I can count it for the month of September in my Sock A Month KAL.

The one drawback of Blogger is that it doesnt require you to post your email address so for those of you who read this blog, unless you have an email posted on your blog, I cant personally email you back to respond to your comment. Please know that I read everything and that if there is no email, then I will try to comment on your blog. And I enjoy EVERY comment.

I sure hope this entry makes sense. I got less than 6 hours of sleep last night and since its already almost the next day, I'm not sure how much sense this post is making. But I accomplished what I started out to do. Make an entry and post pictures. I never promised it would make sense.


Deborah said…
Just say no...

Ebay, yarn addictions and auctions is a junky's trifecta that you will never overcome... :)

I'm on my 6th year of an ebay 12 step. I just don't go there... My LYS is also grateful!
Dee said…
The lizard is an anole (an-OH-lay). It was actually a Jeopardy clue last night ...LOL Timely, eh? (Although I knew what they were before that. I didn't know that the little pouchy thing they thrust out from their neck is a dewlap). Live and learn.

Sock stash looks great! I WON'T be mentioning the Cascade ...oh shucks...just did. ;0)
stitcherw said…
Your sock is coming along great, and I love your new yarn, very pretty. Yup, ebay is certainly addictive. I just ended up with a great new crossstitch pattern. :)
Diane said…
I've found some great yarn on ebay. There are some wonderful venders that I never would have found. And really having all that yarn will reduce your heating/cooling bill; less empty space in the house to heat or cool.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Jane said…
I have forbidden myself from eBay. Much, much too dangerous! I do have 6 skeins of white Fixation in my stash however.
Deborah said…
ok, I've waited several days so now I'm allowed to ask? What was the name of the site that sold the Lorna's Laces???

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