The Sweater Status

I've been thinking abt my sweater. Do I rip or do I continue? The majority of you said to rip it out, but Deborah (a woman after my own heart) gave me ideas on how to either cover them up or to live with them. I HATE to rip so the more I thought abt it, the more I thought the extra holes might look like part of the design. I decided to keep going and see how it looked. If it worked, then I would make the same mistake on the front so it would be consistant. It went from bad to worse. I worked 2 more rows and realized that there were less stitches than I should have. I thought I might be able to add where they needed to go, but that wasnt working. So I did it.
My sweater before:

You can see the floral pattern a bit.

This is my sweater after I ripped back:

I think I am going to make some modifications. I still want to think abt it first before I make any decisions.......Meanwhile I'm done with the sweater. I'm pulling out the sock. I'm on the foot part of it and will post a picture tomorrow to show my progress.

While I was on the computer last night, I had my normal *fight* over desk space. Apparently the computer desk is prime real estate and there is always a power struggle to see which cat can get it and if the person using the computer will tolerate said cat. Guess who won last night?

Two minutes later they were both off since the whole point is for them to be near a human.

And since he never gets air time, here is my grandmother's cat that we inherited after she died in May 2005. He's the oldest now at 16 (my Sheba was almost 20 when she died). He'll be 17 in Jan. We seem to be more of a kitty retirement home than a cat house. He comes in when its thundering outside and this particular time he discovered the furry catnipped mouse.

Yes that's my family room floor and no its still not covered with wood. This is why I hate doing our own work. It never seems to get done.


Dee said…
The kitties on the desk look pretty determined to stay. LOL

When Jake stays with us (dachshund) he likes to stand on the desk so he can see out the window. Makes typing interesting!
Susie said…
I am cracking up at the catnip mouse shot- doesn't he look like the Dangerous, if Old, Hunter!?
Dr. Purl said…
The sweater looks awesome! Now if we could only teach cats to type. Wait, then we would have to share the computer itself, not just the desk.
stitcherw said…
Hope your sock goes smoother than the sweater, that was an awful lot of rows to have to rip. Kitties look cute and comfortable. Isn't typing with assistance so much fun, LOL.
Deborah said…
Just to aggravate you more, have you seen the new knit fix book? Here are a couple of websites that feature the author.

Sorry about the frogging, but it will be beautiful when its done!

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