Wanna Join????

Not much actual knitting has been taking place. I've been working on some projects but until there is legitimate progress, no pictures. What have I been doing?? Check out the side bar!! I've been joining KALs!!! Mostly sock KALs, but there are a few charity ones as well. Knit a scarf for a parent-less kid going off to college or a square for Crazy Aunt Purl's grandma (click on the button for the link). Or if you are a Grey's Anatomy fanatic like me, you join a KAL that has you knit during the show!! How low have I sunk in joining KALs?!?!!? I LOVE this show and really dont see myself getting much done during the show but it will be a great place to discuss McDreamy! (sorry, no links in this entry. I've got the entire family circling for dessert and computer time. If you want to find out abt McDreamy, google the show).

And to not leave you completely pictureless (because that would be a travesty!), grab a belly rub while you can!!!


Deborah said…
Love that post! I overdid it with 3 KALs - Intl scarf exchange, Intl tote exchange and a stash KAL where I have to go cold turkey and not buy any yarn and prove it by knitting something from my stash, whew!

I had to open up a filing system just to keep track.
Melissa said…
I've been a little KAL crazy myself lately. :)
Lolly said…
I have joined a few - and even started one! so I can totally understand ;)

Love the kitty pic!
Susie said…
Heya - I joined CAP's Grandma Square KAL as well. Gotta get me a link in my blog - good for you!
Diane said…
No! I'm not looking at that side bar. Not looking. Shielding eyes from side bar ...... ok maybe just a little peek.

Think I'm going to do the red scarf project this year.
KnitPastis said…
I am so totally with you Lynn! I just saw on the Grey's KAL that you couldn't do anything and were glued to the tv like I was.LOL Trying to knit some today but I think I joined too many KAL maybe...we are also in the midst of remodeling the kitchen so you know what I am talking about. I remember when you were putting in wood floors;) Missed ya girl!
stitcherw said…
Loved the picture, it does look like a tummy rub is order. :)

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