With a day to spare!!!!

Look what I did tonight!!

I LOVE these socks!!! They are so squishy! They feel like they are giving my foot a hug. I've been wearing them ever since I took that picture. I'm only going to take them off because I'm getting too warm wearing them. I will give details tomorrow when I'm more awake. I just wanted to show off my socks!!

And Dee, I'm thinking of using the Cascade for my next pair as well!!!! Buwahahahahah


Dee said…
You are one sick puppy, Lynn. I swear that stuff will warp your mind.

But, don't worry I'll visit you often in the Home For Crazy Knitter Ladies. bwahahahahah
Dee said…
Oh, I forgot something.

You'll have to take up crochet. They don't allow small, pointy sticks at the home.
Jane said…
I'm SO stealing those socks!! I have some pretty aqua Fixation, and just love the way your heels and toes look Fabulous socks!!! You are my sock hero.
Deborah said…
tailored made socks, and who says life can't be glamerous!
stitcherw said…
They look wonderful, what was the type of yarn again? also, they are shorter then what I tried to make before, is the pattern easy? You may convert me to a sock knitter yet. :)
Nicola said…
I love your socks! The green in yummy and adds a bit of pow! I'm using Fixation for the first time right now.
Susie said…
Yummy!! Those socks make me want a limeade :) They look really soft and snuggly, too - go, Lynn!!
Lisa said…
i love the socks! what kind of yarn is this? I think the socks look great! so fluffy! I tried to find out the yarn but I've been at work all day and my eyes are tired. ;)
sprite said…
Cute socks!

I'm a fan of Fixation, myself.

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