Call of the Wild

I've been running like crazy and I'm tired. My final straw was walking from one room to the other to orchestrate dinner with everybody. I finally told them that whenever THEY decided what to eat, just let me know and I'd show up. Oh what a stir I caused!! LOL Since then I've read the newspaper, watched some TV and have come on line to blog. I didn't figure out what the order from KFC would be (see what happens when I'm out of it?), I didnt collect the money or try to get people to go with me. I also didn't referee a fight between the kids. What a liberating feeling!! I *MIGHT* make pull apart chocolate chip cookies, but then again, maybe I won't.

Instead here is a pictoral of the wild in my little piece of the world.....

Saturday sky this afternoon at 1:46pm today.

Along with the temperature. Yes it only reads 84 but the heat index was at 90 today. It felt hotter.

Night blooming jasmine. Not blooming since its not night, but I wish I could send the smell.......SO fresh! Plus look who is trying to sneak into the picture in the upper left side!


More bleeding heart

Cassia tree flower.

Birds and squirrel having breakfast.

The wildest of them all!!

I've been knitting as well (keeps me from strangling people). Grandma Purl's square is done and so is my Warm Up America square. I will post pictures and yarn details tomorrow.


Jane said…
Now that blogger is working again, I can see your beatiful flowers! It's going to be 37 here tonight. Brrrr.
Dorothy said…
You have some very beautiful flowers in your yard.
Send some of that heat up this way would you? There's snow on the ground today and I'm not ready for winter.
Dr. Purl said…
Wow, look at those flowers! You are very lucky. When I look outside all I see is brown, brown, and more brown..
Anonymous said…
I am so jealous of those gorgeous flowers. If I were to share pictures of mine right now, they would be black! It's been very cold her this past week, highs in the upper 30's to low 40's. Finally it is warming up, and that means we will be super lucky if we see 60ยบ. LOL


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